Monday, 6 August 2012

AUGUST - July is now over

Hi guys:-) I'm really sorry that I've wrote not so much posts in the last weeks but, I really don't like to make only a few of posts, which don't make sense (if I haven't enough news or inspirations, trends .... to show you - it's not worth to write something:-))

So yeah - here you see my nail looks of this week (I've really repaint it each day - o.k. I don't make that each week but this week I was a little bit crazy:-)):

And how did you find that (as I'm a real Britain Fan:-)):
(All pic's are mine!!!!)

You maybe know (if you've read my last few posts:-)) that I really care about the ingrediences in beauty products - so it's really important for me to get always a natural and healthy product to care my body and this month and the end of july I've found a bit more out about LE PETIT MARSEILLIAIS.

I'll buy some few more shower gels this month and will use it more often, because I think that the smell is really amazing and your skin is really smooth after you use this products. I also really like the shampoo for blonde hair from this brand.

Here you'll see a picture which I've found on the internet - I totally like this pic and there is also a bit true in the message:-):

(Photo Credit: Pinterest - I don't own this pic')

Which posts I'll do this month, I really don't know actually, because I've a lot of things to do, but what I know is that I'll put this or the next week a "British Afternoon Tea Tutorial" on my blog, you know I'm really in love with UK and I really like the whole british culture (including the british jokes:-)) and yeah I really feel home there so I descided to make an Afternoon Tea Tutorial (I'll make pic's/photos, show you some recipes to make a unforgettible Afternoon Tea for your friends, family and other:-), will show you my favorite books (baking books) for the great preparation and nice music ideas and of course decoration - a lot of).

So I hope you'll checking the next time always  my blog to see what I mean:-)

Now let me tell you something about MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSIC - I LOVE M.:-):

You know that I've a YOUTUBE-CHANNEL:
where I've all my vid's where I sing my own songs and cover songs (which are more than my own, because I don't play any instruments and soooo it's a bit more difficult to show you more - but I try always to make it possible:-))

And now my JULY SONG CHECKLIST (I've listen this songs the whole JULY!!!! Really:-)):
1.Arctic Monkeys - Come together (It will remember me always on the London Olympics 2012!!!!)
2.Flo Rida - Whistle (It's the perfect surfer song for me - or just for sport lessons at the beach:-))
3.Marina and the diamonds - Primadonna  (I don't know really why - maybe because it remember me my     childhood:-) "I wan't this and I wan't that" -   hahaha)
4. SONIA - You'll never stop me from loving you (80's, I'll make a coverversion for my youtube channel - what should I say more:-))
5. Simple Plan - Summer Paradise ( A great song, come with me, we'll make a barbeque-party right here:-))
6. Katie Sky - Sweet Sweet Melody (Ohhh such a great gently and dreamy song:-))
7. David Hasselhoff - Current Love (YES YOU READ RIGHT - I can't do anything about that it's a deep and power song for me - if I'm alone at a beach and thing about how to get a new strong and clear mind :-))
8. Lindsay Buckingham - Holiday Road  (It's my alltime fav for summer and winter - for all types of holiday)
9. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (That's true what the song is write about!!!!)
10. Clueless Soundtrack - Kids in America (My teenie fav song:-))

I hope you've enjoyed visiting my blog and hope to see you guys, soon.

Wish you all the best from my heart and bye:-)


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