Sunday, 26 August 2012

A bit other - New Design:-)

Hi guys,

today I've changed a bit on my site - here's the change:

Hope you'll like it , because I love to try new things out and would be soooo happy, if you would like it too:-)

Another product review - Bi-Oil:

This is an absolute amazing/awesome oil, which has really done his job on my legs (both)!!!! As I'm a really (bit crazy:-)) unskillful person (last year I've really fumble with a hot water bottle - I was sleeping so I don't recognized that I've burnt parts of both lower legs and since this time I've two small but dark emboss:-()

So I tried out this Bi-Oil which contains a special component (PurCellin Oil) and it's a specialist for:

stretch marks
irregular/uneven skin tone/skin pigment
dry skin

About Bi-Oil:

This product is also qualified for really young skin and should help to regenerate your skin. This special formulation also helps to moisture dry skin parts and wrinkles. Bi-Oil has got 66 Awards within the range of skin care. Since the introduction in 2002, Bi-Oil is one of the most sold scars/stretch marks regeneration treatments in 11 world wide countries.

How you apply this special treatment:

You should apply this oil daily twice time and use it at least 3 months to see a result, pregnant women should apply Bi-Oil at the beginning of the second term/trimester.

I would really really recommend this product, because my scars are after one month using (every day - one time) really smaller and some parts are fully disappeared/fade away. Especially the scar on my left leg is already away:-) And what's also really interesting, is that after one month using, the bottle is still really full - so you'll see that this product is really worth to buy:-) This is a product which I'll have in my personal medicine chest my whole life:-)

For more information please visit:

What I'll try in the future is the Re-Gen Cream  - did you've some experiences with this product????
As I've some dry skin parts in my face - so I would really try this cream out:-)

Hope you've enjoyed this post and wish you a nice sunday:-)



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