Thursday, 9 August 2012

9. August - and a lot of fun:-)

Hi guys, I'm back again here on my blog page and I'm soooo happy to have now 260 Followers on TWITTER:-) I know that it's not much but I'm not a long time there and what not now - could be tomorrow - or????

If you would follow me also:!/NIKA80s

And I'm soooo happy that my videos are followed by some people but it could be more (as that is my really life - to sing!!!!:-)) This month: 4 Followers and 427 buttons:-)

Maybe you'll be my next follower and like my voice/music:

I love to make DIY decoration but sometimes I also like to go to the nearest or local shabby market (I call it so:-)) and find some special old/vintage pieces for my home and old recipes for sweets are always liked by my friends:-) Old recipes means not to be unhealthy (sure the strawberry pockets are not soooo healthy) if you make a fruit salad as the one on my own made collage or strawberries filled with cream cheese (low fat one) and sweeted with agave syrup/honey or cupcakes (I LOVE CUPCAKES:-)) which are made from whole weat flour, sweeted with honey and fresh fruit & low fat creamcheese- joghurt topping with some agave syrup you can have such a nice lovely shabby chic/retro/vintage afternoon with your friends:-)

P.S.: Don't forget to check my blog the next time - I'll show how to make a perfect old afternoon tea like a real britain young healthy and romantic lady/girl:-)

I hope you'll liked this post and wish you all a nice day:-)


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  1. i need to be better at making DIY projects! how fun are these ;)
    xo TJ