Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi guys,

I'm back with my second product review today, and it's about two product samples from the natural/organic brand WELEDA.

I've recived two small samples of the:

Weleda Citrus Erfrischungsdusche/Citrus refreshing shower gel which gives you the ultimative refreshness
Weleda Sanddorn Pflegemilch/Sea Buckthorn care lotion which gives your body skin an intensive care

So I've tried the WELEDA Citrus refreshing shower gel at first, and saw that the texture is a creamy  and not a clear ones and that it really smells like fresh picked lemons and limes (maybe more like limes:-)). After I went to the shower I've took a small amount on my hand and found out that you'll not get a foaming just a slightly creamy mixture but the result is amazing - my skin feels really soft and also refreshed but I'm a fan of foaming shower gels so I'll definitely not buy this product maybe only for sport lessons:-) But you'll see that this is a higquality and organic body care product only that I like more the foaming ones:-)

And the WELEDA Sea Buckthorn care lotion is a really rich cream which cares your skin really intensive so I'll better care my skin with this lotion only at night and not in the morning after my morning shower, the skin feels really healthy and hydrated and cared after using this cream. It's definitely worth to buy this excellent skin care lotion!!!!

Here is a picture of my samples:

(This picture is owned by myself!!!)

I hope that you've enjoyed this product review and wish you a nice day:-)

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