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Hi guys that's me NIKA, I'm back with a new part of my blog, it's about challenges (you know it maybe from 20$ Challenges, Win Challenges and more more more) and today I wanna show you a short challange about different suncare and sunscreen products from different brands.

These are all my sunscreen products & brands:



Sun Screen Products:

Carotin Sunmilk (SUNDANCE), Sun sensitive Anti-Age Sunmilk LSF15 (LAVERA), Sun Spray Transparent LSF30 (EUCERIN), Sun Screen Lotion for normal/sensitive skin LSF20 (LADIVAL), Carotin Lotion (NIVEA), Sun Care Oil Spray with vitamine E (NIVEA), Protect & Bronze Sun Spray LSF 20 (NIVEA)

Sun Care Products:

Care Apres Lotion with Aloe Vera (NIVEA), Traditional Tiare Oil for body (YVES ROCHER), Monoi de Tahiti Eau de parfumante (YVES ROCHER), Eau de Toilette Pineapple and Coconut (YVES ROCHER), Body Lotion Summerglam (BALEA),

Here is a picture which I've made for you to look at all products at one time:-):

(The pictures are owned by myself!!!)

The Ladival Sun Screen Lotion for normal/sensitive skin with a sun screen factor 20 I'm using a lot of time maybe each second day - really worth to buy, because if you've a sensitive skin it's really gently and you've not such a skin problem after using it (e.g.: red parts at your skin...) I'll really buy it again but it's also a little bit more expensive as normal drugstore products, you'll find the LADIVAL Products also in your nearest pharmacy store or in well sorted drugstores (Germany: Müller, Karstadt Austria: Müller, pharmacy stores).

I've bought the Eucerin Transparent Sun Spray LSF 30 last summer and as you can use this spray after you've open the package for 12 months I'm still using it but I don't really like the smell and I also don't like the texture, I'm a big fan of Transparent Sun screens but I don't like if you went out and put a second layer after one or two hours on your skin that you can feel the rest of the first layer on your skin (and I don't use a lot for one layer - I really put always only two pumps on each part of my body!!! (legs, arms, belly, neck, face) so I don't really like this spray I don't really know why because Eucerin is a great brand and I'm using sometimes the Lip Care and hand creams (which are really worth to buy:-)) and I'm absolutely satisfied but I won't buy a next sun screen product from Eucerin definitely not - I'm sorry.

The LAVERA Sun sensitive Anti-Age Sunmilk LSF 15 is a great option for your facial skin and your neck - I'm using this product since June 2012 and I'm happy about the quality (I really love the LAVERA products and the brand and I'm also often buying different products from this brand and also get the option/chance to test different products and to make test reviews:-))   So you don't need to apply this sun screen often on your face it's enought if you apply one layer after you've done your morning facial care routine and afternoon after you've been for a long time out in the sun or if you were swimming:-) Yes a really nice creamy texture, it isn't smelling - without parfume and yeah really worth to buy.

Sun Care Oil with vitamine E and jojoba oil from NIVEA it's a really rich sun screen oil which is parfumed and has a nice texture (but it doesn't stick!!!) I'm using this product since last thuesday so I can't tell you how to get fast brown with this oil but I'm sure that this product will keep your skin health and look after a time more like a holiday touched skin:-) This product is really worth if you drive to the beach!!!

The Carotin Sunmilk (SUNDANCE) is used very often by my mum (it's her sunscreen favorite:-)) you reach a really great health and brown skin after you'll use this product for maybe one and half month if it's really sunny and hot -  the carotine is the activiting point to get a brownness. Really good quality for less money!!!

Carotin Lotion (NIVEA) it's a more expensive one as the Carotin Sunmilk from SUNDANCE but it's the typical NIVEA quality it's as you maybe have seen on my photo-collage a little bit more orange cream texture but the result is also a high quality, the brownness came faster and it smells really good:-) I'll buy more in the future - next month (because I'll went to the beach again:-))

A new product and sun screen revolution is the Protect & Bronze Sun Spray LSF 20 also from NIVEA, which should activate your own brown pigments in your skin to get your own natural brownness faster without any self tan!!! It's without a parfume and you can use it every day whereever you want - a good option for all city living people who aren't at the beach and get only the chance to went out on a hot day and get a lightly brownness on the sun:-) New revolution and a new positive work from the high quality brand (and also one of my fav skin care brands)!!!

Now let me show you a short opinion about all of my Sun care products this summer 2012, the Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil is one of my fav summer product since my childhood, because when I was six years old first I went to the beach and it was also the first time when I was using this oil, so each summer when I smell the fragrance of this product I remember some scenes of my first summer holidays when I was a six year old girl:-) I won't have a summer without this product!!!! This year I also tried out the Monoi de Tahiti eau de parfume water from the same serie and the smell isn't the same but really similar, but it's not such a product which I'll buy every year again - it was just a test:-) So normally I buy also the Monoi de Tahiti Shower gel, I first bought this shower gel for three years and yeah I'm still buying it:-) But the eau de parfume I won't buy again:-)

I've also tried a L.E. (Limited Edition) Version of the Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature and it's the Eau de Toilette Pineapple & Coconut which I thought when I first saw it at our local Y.R. store that it would smell like Pina Colada and it's a similar smell but it smells more as a pineapple than a Coconut which I prefer because it's refreshing and I'm a really Pineappleholic (some days I'm really able to eat a whole pineapple in one time and sometimes I also eat a whole week each day one pineapple - yes I'm a little bit crazy but I like pineapples:-))

The Summerglam Body Lotion from BALEA is a rich Body Lotion, which seems like to be a light Body Butter because it's sooooooo reach and it has a lightly shimmer, which should be also after you've applied it on your skin as a thin golden touch, but I don't recognized anything it was just a very very very light shimmer and it doesn't really smell like Coconut or other tropical and summer parfumes it smells like Cocoa and a little bit like macadamia which is typical for christmas Body Lotions so it's not really that what I want to have at summer days but for winter it's a super fragrance. So I won't buy it again (o.k. it was a gift) but I won't buy it again:-)

And last but not least the Care Apres Lotion with Aloe Vera from Nivea is a soft body lotion with a normal white colour and it really helps me to cool my skin after I've been for a long time out at the sun or after I've burnt myself. The aloe vera is a really great thing for each skin so it's also really effective for your skin care and routine. I'll recommend it for your next summer holidays or your next trip to the sea:-)

I hope that you've enjoyed it and hope that you will write me some sentences about your fav summer care products and would be glad if you would follow my blog in the future.


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