Friday, 13 July 2012

Stories about my new fav products, music and and more inspirations:-)

Hi guys, I'm back with a lot of hot new stories about my personal inspirations in July 2012 and about my own writen songs, which I will definetly put on my youtube page the next days:-)

This summer is really hot (o.k. sometimes you'll have also a rainy day but otherwise you'll have the perfect tropical hot weather:-))

In Port d'Andratx (Mallorca) you'll find such amazing lux' homes like e.g. in the Hollywood Hills:-)

You can watch some homes which are now for sale at these home real estates:

Kühn & Partner, MARCEL REMUS Real Estate


(This collage which I've made by myself is create with my own pictures!!!)

I'm happy to show you some further details about this skin care brand from germany and also very glad to make a product review about four products from Charlotte Meentzen:-)

1. What I've tested on my own body and facial skin from Charlotte Meentzen:

Charlotte Meentzen Shower Gel with sweet Lime & Pomegranate from the C.M. Body Fresh serie
Charlotte Meentzen Cleasing Lotion from the C.M. REGENERATION serie
Charlotte Meentzen Aloe Vera Concentrate from the C.M. KRÄUTERVITAL serie
Charlotte Meentzen Sugar Body Scrub Invigorating - for silky-soft skin from the C.M. enjoy serie

First let me tell you that after I've received the Charlotte Meentzen package and after I've put out each of these four products I was totally amazed about the nice packaging of each product and about the carefull package:-) The second positive point is that the Cleasing Lotion package is a glass jar and not a plastic one - so it's a positive thing for our environment:-)

So after I've tried out the Shower Gel with sweet Lime & Pomegranate (it was the night after I've recieved the package - I can't wait until I can try new products:-)), it smell soooooooooooo good - it's just a refreshing and citrus taste. My skin was just sooo softly and full hydrate. So I've used this Shower gel also the next day and after using it - I've put on the enjoy Sugar Body Scrub which is in a tube and the scrub has a lovely coral pink colour, it smells also really refreshing but a little bit more according to grapefruit and other citrus.

I really would recommend the Shower Gel and the scrub for all of you who are using regular such a product every month (as I do:-)) but I've used and tried a few other scrubs and as I'm really looking on the back of each skin care product which I'm buying by myself I would recommend this scrub also because it's more organic you know what I mean:-)

The Aloe Vera Concentrate is the perfect friend for sunny summer days/summer holidays after you went out to your pool and take a shower/bath and do your daily After - Sun routine it's really worth for your whole face (o.k. save your mouth and maybe also eyes (but sometimes I've put also some little portions on my eye lids) )

It the perfect treat for all of you who has a sensitive skin or also a normal skin, which was lightly burned by sun or which needs to get back to the regular skin balance and hydrating/relaxing.

Totally worth to buy  - my fav product of all four!!!!

And last but not least the REGENERATION Cleasing Lotion I'm using this facial clean product when I'm using my make up - it's sooo gently to my skin and your skin looks more fresh.

As I said at the begin of my product review I'm totally amazed about the glass packaging - better then plastic:-) The quality of this product is also really high, you don't need to buy such a product each month maybe each second or third - so you save also your money:-) and yeah if you're using other facial products and are always in search of new products - try this facial Cleasing Lotion out:-)

So I hope you have enjoyed my today blog post and hope that I'll see you guys later on my blog page:-)


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