Sunday, 29 July 2012

Psssstttt some new GARNIER PRODUCTS


there will be available some new Garnier products for young face problem skin from august 2012!!!

So here are the new products (which I've tested for you and make this review:-)):

Here are the two products which I've tested for you guys:

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Refreshing Washing-Gel for the daily cleaning routine
(will reduce the imperfections which you already see and cleans/revitalize your facial skin)

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleasing
(will battle against the imperfections & marks, improve your skin pores and will give you a natural bright facial skin complexion/teint)

Let me show (better tell you:-)) what the new product serie from GARNIER  will do with your skin:-)

So the Garnier Hautklar (Pure) Fruit Energy is for problamatic skin types (whether or not you're a teenager) and care them and helps to fight stubborn imperfections, marks, will cleanse/purify oily skin, reducing unsightly imperfections and also help to prevent their recurrence!!!! (That's really true - I've already tried it out - it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing:-) I feel definitely better with this products, but I think that the GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleaning is the best of the two.


1. GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Refreshing Washing-Gel for the deep cleasing:

Yeah I was really amazed about the quick and gentle handle of the two products and also about the consistency of this Washing - Gel. You need only a hazelnut size pump of this Washing-Gel, apply it on your light wet face and wash it with light warm water. You'll see that your face will be highly deep clean, refreshed and look brightly:-) (But don't forget to wash your face 2 or 3 times a day - and in the summertime maybe 3-4 times - to avoid imperfections to:-))

2. GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleasing:

You also need a hazelnut size pump which you apply on your wet face and make a light massage, which I normally make 1-2 weekly, it really makes my skin softer and cleaner. Garnier says that this Peeling-Gel will clean your skin very deep, remove your danders, your skin will look more brighter, cleaner and beautiful.
 (Your skin will definitely look more cared and if your face looks more healthy your daily life will also look more brighter:-))

This two products will be available (as I've said it on the bottom of this post:-)) in august 2012 and the price will be ca. 7,49 € (which diversify on each drugstores - this products are drugstore products!!!!)

I'm 100% satisfied with the quality, the result (I've less imperfection as I've start to use this products - only two days ago!!!!). This is a brand product which is sold in every drugstore and also in some perfumeries.

But I also like high-end products, I also buy such products, but I really like to go to one of our local drugstores and buy brands, which are really highquality like this brand - GARNIER.

I've used it also in my teen-time (when I was 13-15) and was also really amazed and satisfied with the GARNIER PURE for young/problematic skin line, which is now for some years on the market - I also really recommend this products - because all really helps.

I was only not so satisfied with the GARNIER Pure Pencil, which was also for problematic skin, but I think that this was too agressive for my skin, I got really redness in my face so I decided to never use it again, BUT this is only one product which I don't like from GARNIER (maybe I've too sensitive skin, I don't know:-)) I also LOVE the GARNIER BODYTONIC Firming Lotion - I can't say anything else as that I love it:-)

So back to the new line some closing lines - try, try, try it!!!! It's worth for money, because you can see light results after one day and see more and more after only 2-3 days:-) So these products are really worth and naturally. Some of the health ingrediences are grapefruit-/vitamine C-/pomegranate-extracts and salicylic acid (helps your skin to get deep clean, exfolifying effect and avoid new imperfections)

 Wanna thank GARNIER that the GARNIER TEAM has created such a new fabulous and effective product line to fight agains the skin problems, which young people and older sometimes have:-)

You can also check their products on this site: or you can also follow the amazing GARNIER Team on

Hope you've enjoyed this product review and wish you a nice day.




  1. These sound good, so I may be checking them out-although I really have to use some of my other products up first :)

    Tanesha x

  2. oh god, I am always trying out new products for my problem skin! These look good I will have to give them a whirl!

  3. Cool! One of my fav garnier products is their self tanner. Probably my favorite out there!