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Hi guys I' m back with some news:-)

NIVEA has give me the chance to show you what new NIVEA facial care products you will get at the drugstore as
                                                                   by august 2012:-)

And I'm sooo happy to get the chance to give you my own product review of this amazing products (I really love this brand - thank you NIVEA Team again:-))

What I get from the N. Team for this review:

NIVEA Aqua Effect Mattierende Tagescreme/daily cream for mat skin with LSF 15 (ca. 6,99€)
NIVEA Aqua Effect Sanftes Reinigungsmouuse/Soothing  Cleasing Mousse       (ca. 5,49€)
NIVEA Aqua Effect Erfrischendes Reinigungsmousse/ Refreshing Cleasing Mousse   (ca. 5,49€)

Well here you can see a collage (which I've made - as usual:-)):

(All pictures are my own - only the NIVEA Sign is from NIVEA AT!!!!)


The NIVEA Team has created 3 brand new facial care products to allow us to care more and better:-) The new formula Aqua Effect Hydra IQ technology will take care on our facial skin up to 24 hours with a refreshing moisture. So I haven't been able to wait longer as I've got the package I started to try out each products at the same day and tried/used it again today and the last day and here is my result/opinion about these products:

1. The NIVEA Aqua Effect Mattierende Tagescreme/daily cream for mat skin with LSF 15 is a very hydrating cream without leaving a film on your skin - it really goes fast into your skin and leave it mat and really smell lightly after a parfume - really refreshing and worth to buy:-) Don't forget that this Anti-Shine complex daily face cream will reduce your facial shine and hydrates your dry skin parts. NIVEA has also increased a higher LSF - from LSF8 to LSF15 which I love to hear - because our ozone layer seems to be more thiner/lighter and we have to put on a higher sunscreen to avoid bad wrinkles on our faces!!!! (which are no point to have:-))

2. NIVEA Aqua Effect Sanftes Reinigungsmouuse/Soothing  Cleasing Mousse it's really fast foaming in your hands (you'll not need a big amount of it each time:-)) it smells like a baby product- really soft with a touch of baby powder smell and also of course like a fresh soap smell - I really like such a product because as my skin is also really sensitive it's normal for me to use sometimes also such products to avoid redness or dry skin parts or acne and and and. This Mousse includes natural almond oil and Hydra IQ. So I'll use it twice a week but only when I feel that my skin need a extra care - good after you were a long time outside (pool...) in the summer holidays - my skin looks really fresh and cared after I've used this product - I will definitely buy this product also in the future!!!

And last but not least 3. NIVEA Aqua Effect Erfrischendes Reinigungsmousse/ Refreshing Cleasing Mousse which is the blue bottle, it doesn't smell really intensive (the pink ones - sensitive ones also doesn't smell really intensive but it has a really fresh and good smell!!!!) and hasn't really a smell - I would say that the Refreshing Cleasing Mousse smells really neutral but you'll feel after you've put on your face this mousse an other result - it's refreshing your face faster and you've getting a "kick" of hydrating on your face after a very short time. This mousse includes a good portion of vitamine E and Hydra IQ which trust your skin to hold the natural wetness/wet balance.

I hope you've also enjoyed these product review and would be happy to get a comment from you:-)

Have a nice sunny day.


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