Sunday, 8 July 2012

Fav' Blonde Hair Shampoo and Care

My favorite Shampoo's for BLONDE HAIR:-)

(Photo Credits: Guhl, Batiste, L'Oreal, Redken, Kerastase, Johnson's Baby , Schwarzkopf, Alverde, Klorane, Fekkai, John Frieda - I don't own each of them!)

I'm using the GUHL Chamomille Blond Shampoo since I was 13!!! Yes it's one of my fav shampoos:-), the Johnson Baby Shampoo with Chamomille is also very good, now I'm using the Sheer Blonde from John Frieda and of course I will use the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Shampoo and maybe the Batiste Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair.

Tell me which one you are using and which one did you prefer:-)

Please give me your comments:-)

CURLS, CURLS, CURLS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand more CURLS:-)

You know that I love the 80's (music, fashion, style - the whole time:-)) and of course CURLS:) Hope you like it too.

MY TABLE-PIC OF THE WEEK:-) (I really don't know how to call it:-))

(This pic is owned by myself!!!)

You see a MONOI DE TAHITI Eau parfume which smells sooooooooo exotic and for me especially like summer, since my childhood I'm in love with this smell:-) This Eau parfume is from Yves Rocher ( and I normally buy also the MONOI DE TAHITI Traditional Tiare Oil and the MONOI DE TAHITI Shampoo-and Showergel. I will also buy the next time the new EAU DE TOILETTE MONOI

And the drink is calles "Lemon Surprise" it's absolute perfect for hot days as we've now, it's perfect for an outsite pool party:-)

What you need? (For 2 Persons)

Juice  from 1 Lemon, 1 big spoon of fresh parsley, 450ml club soda, 3 table spoons of sugar and two straws:-) Give the lemonjuice, fresh parsley and club soda in your mixer or kitchen machine and mix it 30 seconds on the lower grade.  After a minute you should add the sugar to the mixture and mix it together at the highest grade - 30 seconds.  Fill the fresh limonade into two chilled glasses, put the straws in it and serve.

 Refreshing taste, yummy:-)

One pic of myself:-)

(This pic is owned by myself  - because it's me:-))

I love the curls:-)

Some new 80's inspired Make up looks:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own it!)

I love the pastel and bright colours of these looks:-)

I hope that you've enjoyed my first blog post for july 2012 and wish you a nice day:-)



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  1. I like your photographies, these are very cute !