Sunday, 29 July 2012

Psssstttt some new GARNIER PRODUCTS


there will be available some new Garnier products for young face problem skin from august 2012!!!

So here are the new products (which I've tested for you and make this review:-)):

Here are the two products which I've tested for you guys:

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Refreshing Washing-Gel for the daily cleaning routine
(will reduce the imperfections which you already see and cleans/revitalize your facial skin)

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleasing
(will battle against the imperfections & marks, improve your skin pores and will give you a natural bright facial skin complexion/teint)

Let me show (better tell you:-)) what the new product serie from GARNIER  will do with your skin:-)

So the Garnier Hautklar (Pure) Fruit Energy is for problamatic skin types (whether or not you're a teenager) and care them and helps to fight stubborn imperfections, marks, will cleanse/purify oily skin, reducing unsightly imperfections and also help to prevent their recurrence!!!! (That's really true - I've already tried it out - it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing:-) I feel definitely better with this products, but I think that the GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleaning is the best of the two.


1. GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Refreshing Washing-Gel for the deep cleasing:

Yeah I was really amazed about the quick and gentle handle of the two products and also about the consistency of this Washing - Gel. You need only a hazelnut size pump of this Washing-Gel, apply it on your light wet face and wash it with light warm water. You'll see that your face will be highly deep clean, refreshed and look brightly:-) (But don't forget to wash your face 2 or 3 times a day - and in the summertime maybe 3-4 times - to avoid imperfections to:-))

2. GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Revitalizing Peeling-Gel for the deep cleasing:

You also need a hazelnut size pump which you apply on your wet face and make a light massage, which I normally make 1-2 weekly, it really makes my skin softer and cleaner. Garnier says that this Peeling-Gel will clean your skin very deep, remove your danders, your skin will look more brighter, cleaner and beautiful.
 (Your skin will definitely look more cared and if your face looks more healthy your daily life will also look more brighter:-))

This two products will be available (as I've said it on the bottom of this post:-)) in august 2012 and the price will be ca. 7,49 € (which diversify on each drugstores - this products are drugstore products!!!!)

I'm 100% satisfied with the quality, the result (I've less imperfection as I've start to use this products - only two days ago!!!!). This is a brand product which is sold in every drugstore and also in some perfumeries.

But I also like high-end products, I also buy such products, but I really like to go to one of our local drugstores and buy brands, which are really highquality like this brand - GARNIER.

I've used it also in my teen-time (when I was 13-15) and was also really amazed and satisfied with the GARNIER PURE for young/problematic skin line, which is now for some years on the market - I also really recommend this products - because all really helps.

I was only not so satisfied with the GARNIER Pure Pencil, which was also for problematic skin, but I think that this was too agressive for my skin, I got really redness in my face so I decided to never use it again, BUT this is only one product which I don't like from GARNIER (maybe I've too sensitive skin, I don't know:-)) I also LOVE the GARNIER BODYTONIC Firming Lotion - I can't say anything else as that I love it:-)

So back to the new line some closing lines - try, try, try it!!!! It's worth for money, because you can see light results after one day and see more and more after only 2-3 days:-) So these products are really worth and naturally. Some of the health ingrediences are grapefruit-/vitamine C-/pomegranate-extracts and salicylic acid (helps your skin to get deep clean, exfolifying effect and avoid new imperfections)

 Wanna thank GARNIER that the GARNIER TEAM has created such a new fabulous and effective product line to fight agains the skin problems, which young people and older sometimes have:-)

You can also check their products on this site: or you can also follow the amazing GARNIER Team on

Hope you've enjoyed this product review and wish you a nice day.



Friday, 27 July 2012


Hi guys, I'm back:-) I've been the whole days working on some new videos on my channel: and haven't enough time to write something new on my blog - so PLEASE sorry, that I've not wrote something new:-)

LUSH has create some amazing new make up's/colours and they are all sooo natural and no-animal tested!!!!

(Photo Credits: I've made this collage with pictures from their own site: and from the internet - they are not mine!!!!)

So that's me today (yea really I've made this pic for 10min.!!!!)

(That's my pic!!!!:-))

I hope that you've enjoyed my post today and see you later:-)

Have a nice day.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi guys,

I'm back with my second product review today, and it's about two product samples from the natural/organic brand WELEDA.

I've recived two small samples of the:

Weleda Citrus Erfrischungsdusche/Citrus refreshing shower gel which gives you the ultimative refreshness
Weleda Sanddorn Pflegemilch/Sea Buckthorn care lotion which gives your body skin an intensive care

So I've tried the WELEDA Citrus refreshing shower gel at first, and saw that the texture is a creamy  and not a clear ones and that it really smells like fresh picked lemons and limes (maybe more like limes:-)). After I went to the shower I've took a small amount on my hand and found out that you'll not get a foaming just a slightly creamy mixture but the result is amazing - my skin feels really soft and also refreshed but I'm a fan of foaming shower gels so I'll definitely not buy this product maybe only for sport lessons:-) But you'll see that this is a higquality and organic body care product only that I like more the foaming ones:-)

And the WELEDA Sea Buckthorn care lotion is a really rich cream which cares your skin really intensive so I'll better care my skin with this lotion only at night and not in the morning after my morning shower, the skin feels really healthy and hydrated and cared after using this cream. It's definitely worth to buy this excellent skin care lotion!!!!

Here is a picture of my samples:

(This picture is owned by myself!!!)

I hope that you've enjoyed this product review and wish you a nice day:-)

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Hi guys I' m back with some news:-)

NIVEA has give me the chance to show you what new NIVEA facial care products you will get at the drugstore as
                                                                   by august 2012:-)

And I'm sooo happy to get the chance to give you my own product review of this amazing products (I really love this brand - thank you NIVEA Team again:-))

What I get from the N. Team for this review:

NIVEA Aqua Effect Mattierende Tagescreme/daily cream for mat skin with LSF 15 (ca. 6,99€)
NIVEA Aqua Effect Sanftes Reinigungsmouuse/Soothing  Cleasing Mousse       (ca. 5,49€)
NIVEA Aqua Effect Erfrischendes Reinigungsmousse/ Refreshing Cleasing Mousse   (ca. 5,49€)

Well here you can see a collage (which I've made - as usual:-)):

(All pictures are my own - only the NIVEA Sign is from NIVEA AT!!!!)


The NIVEA Team has created 3 brand new facial care products to allow us to care more and better:-) The new formula Aqua Effect Hydra IQ technology will take care on our facial skin up to 24 hours with a refreshing moisture. So I haven't been able to wait longer as I've got the package I started to try out each products at the same day and tried/used it again today and the last day and here is my result/opinion about these products:

1. The NIVEA Aqua Effect Mattierende Tagescreme/daily cream for mat skin with LSF 15 is a very hydrating cream without leaving a film on your skin - it really goes fast into your skin and leave it mat and really smell lightly after a parfume - really refreshing and worth to buy:-) Don't forget that this Anti-Shine complex daily face cream will reduce your facial shine and hydrates your dry skin parts. NIVEA has also increased a higher LSF - from LSF8 to LSF15 which I love to hear - because our ozone layer seems to be more thiner/lighter and we have to put on a higher sunscreen to avoid bad wrinkles on our faces!!!! (which are no point to have:-))

2. NIVEA Aqua Effect Sanftes Reinigungsmouuse/Soothing  Cleasing Mousse it's really fast foaming in your hands (you'll not need a big amount of it each time:-)) it smells like a baby product- really soft with a touch of baby powder smell and also of course like a fresh soap smell - I really like such a product because as my skin is also really sensitive it's normal for me to use sometimes also such products to avoid redness or dry skin parts or acne and and and. This Mousse includes natural almond oil and Hydra IQ. So I'll use it twice a week but only when I feel that my skin need a extra care - good after you were a long time outside (pool...) in the summer holidays - my skin looks really fresh and cared after I've used this product - I will definitely buy this product also in the future!!!

And last but not least 3. NIVEA Aqua Effect Erfrischendes Reinigungsmousse/ Refreshing Cleasing Mousse which is the blue bottle, it doesn't smell really intensive (the pink ones - sensitive ones also doesn't smell really intensive but it has a really fresh and good smell!!!!) and hasn't really a smell - I would say that the Refreshing Cleasing Mousse smells really neutral but you'll feel after you've put on your face this mousse an other result - it's refreshing your face faster and you've getting a "kick" of hydrating on your face after a very short time. This mousse includes a good portion of vitamine E and Hydra IQ which trust your skin to hold the natural wetness/wet balance.

I hope you've also enjoyed these product review and would be happy to get a comment from you:-)

Have a nice sunny day.


Friday, 13 July 2012


Hi guys that's me NIKA, I'm back with a new part of my blog, it's about challenges (you know it maybe from 20$ Challenges, Win Challenges and more more more) and today I wanna show you a short challange about different suncare and sunscreen products from different brands.

These are all my sunscreen products & brands:



Sun Screen Products:

Carotin Sunmilk (SUNDANCE), Sun sensitive Anti-Age Sunmilk LSF15 (LAVERA), Sun Spray Transparent LSF30 (EUCERIN), Sun Screen Lotion for normal/sensitive skin LSF20 (LADIVAL), Carotin Lotion (NIVEA), Sun Care Oil Spray with vitamine E (NIVEA), Protect & Bronze Sun Spray LSF 20 (NIVEA)

Sun Care Products:

Care Apres Lotion with Aloe Vera (NIVEA), Traditional Tiare Oil for body (YVES ROCHER), Monoi de Tahiti Eau de parfumante (YVES ROCHER), Eau de Toilette Pineapple and Coconut (YVES ROCHER), Body Lotion Summerglam (BALEA),

Here is a picture which I've made for you to look at all products at one time:-):

(The pictures are owned by myself!!!)

The Ladival Sun Screen Lotion for normal/sensitive skin with a sun screen factor 20 I'm using a lot of time maybe each second day - really worth to buy, because if you've a sensitive skin it's really gently and you've not such a skin problem after using it (e.g.: red parts at your skin...) I'll really buy it again but it's also a little bit more expensive as normal drugstore products, you'll find the LADIVAL Products also in your nearest pharmacy store or in well sorted drugstores (Germany: Müller, Karstadt Austria: Müller, pharmacy stores).

I've bought the Eucerin Transparent Sun Spray LSF 30 last summer and as you can use this spray after you've open the package for 12 months I'm still using it but I don't really like the smell and I also don't like the texture, I'm a big fan of Transparent Sun screens but I don't like if you went out and put a second layer after one or two hours on your skin that you can feel the rest of the first layer on your skin (and I don't use a lot for one layer - I really put always only two pumps on each part of my body!!! (legs, arms, belly, neck, face) so I don't really like this spray I don't really know why because Eucerin is a great brand and I'm using sometimes the Lip Care and hand creams (which are really worth to buy:-)) and I'm absolutely satisfied but I won't buy a next sun screen product from Eucerin definitely not - I'm sorry.

The LAVERA Sun sensitive Anti-Age Sunmilk LSF 15 is a great option for your facial skin and your neck - I'm using this product since June 2012 and I'm happy about the quality (I really love the LAVERA products and the brand and I'm also often buying different products from this brand and also get the option/chance to test different products and to make test reviews:-))   So you don't need to apply this sun screen often on your face it's enought if you apply one layer after you've done your morning facial care routine and afternoon after you've been for a long time out in the sun or if you were swimming:-) Yes a really nice creamy texture, it isn't smelling - without parfume and yeah really worth to buy.

Sun Care Oil with vitamine E and jojoba oil from NIVEA it's a really rich sun screen oil which is parfumed and has a nice texture (but it doesn't stick!!!) I'm using this product since last thuesday so I can't tell you how to get fast brown with this oil but I'm sure that this product will keep your skin health and look after a time more like a holiday touched skin:-) This product is really worth if you drive to the beach!!!

The Carotin Sunmilk (SUNDANCE) is used very often by my mum (it's her sunscreen favorite:-)) you reach a really great health and brown skin after you'll use this product for maybe one and half month if it's really sunny and hot -  the carotine is the activiting point to get a brownness. Really good quality for less money!!!

Carotin Lotion (NIVEA) it's a more expensive one as the Carotin Sunmilk from SUNDANCE but it's the typical NIVEA quality it's as you maybe have seen on my photo-collage a little bit more orange cream texture but the result is also a high quality, the brownness came faster and it smells really good:-) I'll buy more in the future - next month (because I'll went to the beach again:-))

A new product and sun screen revolution is the Protect & Bronze Sun Spray LSF 20 also from NIVEA, which should activate your own brown pigments in your skin to get your own natural brownness faster without any self tan!!! It's without a parfume and you can use it every day whereever you want - a good option for all city living people who aren't at the beach and get only the chance to went out on a hot day and get a lightly brownness on the sun:-) New revolution and a new positive work from the high quality brand (and also one of my fav skin care brands)!!!

Now let me show you a short opinion about all of my Sun care products this summer 2012, the Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil is one of my fav summer product since my childhood, because when I was six years old first I went to the beach and it was also the first time when I was using this oil, so each summer when I smell the fragrance of this product I remember some scenes of my first summer holidays when I was a six year old girl:-) I won't have a summer without this product!!!! This year I also tried out the Monoi de Tahiti eau de parfume water from the same serie and the smell isn't the same but really similar, but it's not such a product which I'll buy every year again - it was just a test:-) So normally I buy also the Monoi de Tahiti Shower gel, I first bought this shower gel for three years and yeah I'm still buying it:-) But the eau de parfume I won't buy again:-)

I've also tried a L.E. (Limited Edition) Version of the Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature and it's the Eau de Toilette Pineapple & Coconut which I thought when I first saw it at our local Y.R. store that it would smell like Pina Colada and it's a similar smell but it smells more as a pineapple than a Coconut which I prefer because it's refreshing and I'm a really Pineappleholic (some days I'm really able to eat a whole pineapple in one time and sometimes I also eat a whole week each day one pineapple - yes I'm a little bit crazy but I like pineapples:-))

The Summerglam Body Lotion from BALEA is a rich Body Lotion, which seems like to be a light Body Butter because it's sooooooo reach and it has a lightly shimmer, which should be also after you've applied it on your skin as a thin golden touch, but I don't recognized anything it was just a very very very light shimmer and it doesn't really smell like Coconut or other tropical and summer parfumes it smells like Cocoa and a little bit like macadamia which is typical for christmas Body Lotions so it's not really that what I want to have at summer days but for winter it's a super fragrance. So I won't buy it again (o.k. it was a gift) but I won't buy it again:-)

And last but not least the Care Apres Lotion with Aloe Vera from Nivea is a soft body lotion with a normal white colour and it really helps me to cool my skin after I've been for a long time out at the sun or after I've burnt myself. The aloe vera is a really great thing for each skin so it's also really effective for your skin care and routine. I'll recommend it for your next summer holidays or your next trip to the sea:-)

I hope that you've enjoyed it and hope that you will write me some sentences about your fav summer care products and would be glad if you would follow my blog in the future.


Stories about my new fav products, music and and more inspirations:-)

Hi guys, I'm back with a lot of hot new stories about my personal inspirations in July 2012 and about my own writen songs, which I will definetly put on my youtube page the next days:-)

This summer is really hot (o.k. sometimes you'll have also a rainy day but otherwise you'll have the perfect tropical hot weather:-))

In Port d'Andratx (Mallorca) you'll find such amazing lux' homes like e.g. in the Hollywood Hills:-)

You can watch some homes which are now for sale at these home real estates:

Kühn & Partner, MARCEL REMUS Real Estate


(This collage which I've made by myself is create with my own pictures!!!)

I'm happy to show you some further details about this skin care brand from germany and also very glad to make a product review about four products from Charlotte Meentzen:-)

1. What I've tested on my own body and facial skin from Charlotte Meentzen:

Charlotte Meentzen Shower Gel with sweet Lime & Pomegranate from the C.M. Body Fresh serie
Charlotte Meentzen Cleasing Lotion from the C.M. REGENERATION serie
Charlotte Meentzen Aloe Vera Concentrate from the C.M. KRÄUTERVITAL serie
Charlotte Meentzen Sugar Body Scrub Invigorating - for silky-soft skin from the C.M. enjoy serie

First let me tell you that after I've received the Charlotte Meentzen package and after I've put out each of these four products I was totally amazed about the nice packaging of each product and about the carefull package:-) The second positive point is that the Cleasing Lotion package is a glass jar and not a plastic one - so it's a positive thing for our environment:-)

So after I've tried out the Shower Gel with sweet Lime & Pomegranate (it was the night after I've recieved the package - I can't wait until I can try new products:-)), it smell soooooooooooo good - it's just a refreshing and citrus taste. My skin was just sooo softly and full hydrate. So I've used this Shower gel also the next day and after using it - I've put on the enjoy Sugar Body Scrub which is in a tube and the scrub has a lovely coral pink colour, it smells also really refreshing but a little bit more according to grapefruit and other citrus.

I really would recommend the Shower Gel and the scrub for all of you who are using regular such a product every month (as I do:-)) but I've used and tried a few other scrubs and as I'm really looking on the back of each skin care product which I'm buying by myself I would recommend this scrub also because it's more organic you know what I mean:-)

The Aloe Vera Concentrate is the perfect friend for sunny summer days/summer holidays after you went out to your pool and take a shower/bath and do your daily After - Sun routine it's really worth for your whole face (o.k. save your mouth and maybe also eyes (but sometimes I've put also some little portions on my eye lids) )

It the perfect treat for all of you who has a sensitive skin or also a normal skin, which was lightly burned by sun or which needs to get back to the regular skin balance and hydrating/relaxing.

Totally worth to buy  - my fav product of all four!!!!

And last but not least the REGENERATION Cleasing Lotion I'm using this facial clean product when I'm using my make up - it's sooo gently to my skin and your skin looks more fresh.

As I said at the begin of my product review I'm totally amazed about the glass packaging - better then plastic:-) The quality of this product is also really high, you don't need to buy such a product each month maybe each second or third - so you save also your money:-) and yeah if you're using other facial products and are always in search of new products - try this facial Cleasing Lotion out:-)

So I hope you have enjoyed my today blog post and hope that I'll see you guys later on my blog page:-)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Fav' Blonde Hair Shampoo and Care

My favorite Shampoo's for BLONDE HAIR:-)

(Photo Credits: Guhl, Batiste, L'Oreal, Redken, Kerastase, Johnson's Baby , Schwarzkopf, Alverde, Klorane, Fekkai, John Frieda - I don't own each of them!)

I'm using the GUHL Chamomille Blond Shampoo since I was 13!!! Yes it's one of my fav shampoos:-), the Johnson Baby Shampoo with Chamomille is also very good, now I'm using the Sheer Blonde from John Frieda and of course I will use the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Shampoo and maybe the Batiste Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair.

Tell me which one you are using and which one did you prefer:-)

Please give me your comments:-)

CURLS, CURLS, CURLS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand more CURLS:-)

You know that I love the 80's (music, fashion, style - the whole time:-)) and of course CURLS:) Hope you like it too.

MY TABLE-PIC OF THE WEEK:-) (I really don't know how to call it:-))

(This pic is owned by myself!!!)

You see a MONOI DE TAHITI Eau parfume which smells sooooooooo exotic and for me especially like summer, since my childhood I'm in love with this smell:-) This Eau parfume is from Yves Rocher ( and I normally buy also the MONOI DE TAHITI Traditional Tiare Oil and the MONOI DE TAHITI Shampoo-and Showergel. I will also buy the next time the new EAU DE TOILETTE MONOI

And the drink is calles "Lemon Surprise" it's absolute perfect for hot days as we've now, it's perfect for an outsite pool party:-)

What you need? (For 2 Persons)

Juice  from 1 Lemon, 1 big spoon of fresh parsley, 450ml club soda, 3 table spoons of sugar and two straws:-) Give the lemonjuice, fresh parsley and club soda in your mixer or kitchen machine and mix it 30 seconds on the lower grade.  After a minute you should add the sugar to the mixture and mix it together at the highest grade - 30 seconds.  Fill the fresh limonade into two chilled glasses, put the straws in it and serve.

 Refreshing taste, yummy:-)

One pic of myself:-)

(This pic is owned by myself  - because it's me:-))

I love the curls:-)

Some new 80's inspired Make up looks:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own it!)

I love the pastel and bright colours of these looks:-)

I hope that you've enjoyed my first blog post for july 2012 and wish you a nice day:-)