Sunday, 3 June 2012

That's me fully me - MY YOUTUBE SITE:)

Hi guys, hi I'm back, here is a collage which I made today when I had nothing to do:-):

(All pics are mine only the Big Red (I love this chewing gum!!!) is from the internet and the nice and very wise sentence from Walt Disney is from the internet - all other are mine!!!)

I have also a new YOUTUBE-SITE: NIKA80sLife  -

Yes now I'll put my Coversongs (instrumental/acoustic) and my own songs (acoustic), because I think that it's a faster to show you what I at the moment sing via Youtube.

Now you see I am always trying new ways, to make my dream come true - to get the chance to sing professional!!!

I hope you will watch some of my new videos in the future and recommend me to your friends or someone you know to watch and be a friend at my youtube-channel.

Wish you all a nice day and a nice week.


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