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Here I'm again with a product review - NIVEA BODY- AND FACIAL CARE

Yea the big team of NIVEA/Beiersdorf GmbH Team in Vienna were so friendly and send me some of their best products, which are now already on market but maybe some of you guys don't know each one.

So firstly here is the List of my NIVEA Products:-):

Here is the pricelist for the austrian market:

(This actual pricelist is from NIVEA Beiersdorf GmbH - AUSTRIA)

 A collage with my NIVEA products:-):

(This collage is made with my own pictures unless the NIVE 100 Jahre... which is from the original NIVEA Website:


1. I really like the smell of the Nivea Happy Time  Body Lotion, because each time when I took a bath and care my body with this delicious smell. I really feel fresh and the summer feeling always comes:-)
The other Nivea Pure & Natural body lotion  is really soft in smell and I prefer this lotion for daily routine after sport or if it's colder, then you'll get a softer skin with this body lotion.
My fav is Happy Time!!! - I'll often buy it in the future.

2. The shower gel wasn't really my taste but I also tried it out and I've regognized that the little pearls (think these small pieces are "pearls":-)) makes a nice smoothly foaming, what I like if I'm taking a relaxing time in our bath. But Nivea free time shower gel has a better smell and the creamy consistence is also my favorite, I use also sometimes the Nivea Sensitive shower gel, no matter whether I've an allergy (spring time!!!) or a dry part at my skin - this shower gel really works!!!

3. Labello Lipcare pens are know by myself since I was a little girl / since my childhood (yes I was so amazed when I was maybe 3 years old about the Labello rose it really smells like fresh roses and I've also bit into it - yea how it tasted I already don't know but always when I see the Labello rose this childhood memory comes up:-)) Today I'm buying also other Lipcare products but I've always one of Labello at home, now 3 and I'll buy a fourth one for summer (Labello sun!!!).

I've tested the Labello Pure & Naturals Mint & Minerals which I've also bought two years ago, and was surprised that the smell is already the same (fresh and minty:-)) a good one from this brand but I really prefer the Labello PINK GUAVA because your lips are more pink-red but natural so you've a care and a nice make up on your lips at once!!! An absolute must have for spring and summer time:-)

4. NIVEA Facial Care

Now let me tell you that I've the known T-Zone problem on my face (today I've no so much as I've had in the past - that's also because I've tried this products and of course other ones:-))

So the Nivea Sensitive foaming wash was really a goal for me, it smell clean and relax your face really fast so if you get a redness at your nose, cheeks or somewhere else at the face, you'll see that it really works - PLUS POINT!!!

The Nivea Wips are a good alternative if you are on a party or at school and you need to wash or put another make up on your face, it has the same smell as the Sensitive foaming wash and it is longer wet than other facial wips I've bought in the last time. PLUS POINT!!!

The Nivea Hydrating Cream is also really soft with and hydrating and clearing effect, but I don't see an other advantage to another hydrating cream so I don't know whether I would buy it.

The Nivea Facial Refresh tonic is from the range as the Nivea Sensitive foaming wash and also have the same smell - yea I'll give a PLUS POINT!!!

So I hope you like this review and would be happy about your comment - What's your fav NIVEA Product, did you've also such a childhood memory as I have???

You can inform yourself and make your own opinion about this big brand and about the other brand Labello on their websites:,

 Here I would also thank again the NIVEA Team to send/and give me the opportunity to try their very quality and different products!!!


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