Friday, 8 June 2012


Hi guys:-),

I'm back with news and more. 1. let me tell you that I've a TWITTER-Site!!! You will find it on the left site of my blog-page in the window "My other sites".

2. Thing that I would like to show you is something about the SEBAMED Cosmetic/Skin care Brand which was founded in 1983 (the 80's yeah:-)) and is located in Binger Stra├če 80, Bad Salzig, 56154, Deutschland/Germany.

The SEBAMED Team was so friendly and had sent me a nice little package of product samples, which I've now tested for you:

 (This collage and pics are mine!!!)

Here is a picture of the package (the small bottles are soooooooooooo cute:-))

So let me tell you that I was fully amazed about the Sebamed Creme with 2% Vitamine E, I used it for my hand because they are fully dry between my fingers and that always so much, so I put it on twice a day and after 3 or 2 and half days I didn't have any dry part between my fingers so this cream is really worth to buy (it's on my drugstore shopping list!!!).

I also get a small version of the Sebamed soap free hand/body soap olive, which I used as the pre-step before I put on the Sebamed Creme and I also wash one time my body with this soap, and yeah it feels really natural and it also doesn't really makes a foam in the bathtub. But it also really works for my hands, but I wouldn't buy it, because I like reather soap free  soaps which smells of exotic or fruity/floral/spicy.

I've also got 2 Minitubes of the Sebamed Unreine Haut/problem skin (acne) Pflege Gel/Care gel which I don't used until now, because I've just right now also another products which I must finish to try antoher one.

I've also found 2 shower gel samples (Sport shower 2 in 1 for skin and hair, Wellness shower with waterlily extract) I used the Wellness shower which is refreshing after you were on a sunny hot day out of your home and smells really clean and the other one I must use until the next week:-)

Sebamed has also put an Everyday Shampoo in this package which I will test today, so I'll write a short command tomorrow and they've also send me the last of all product samples - a After Shave Balsam which I gave to my brother, because I don't need something it is really for men, because it smell like for him:-)

So I would say that I'm fully satisfied with the quality and the design of the products, which is for years now the same (and the design show the buyers(us:-)) that the company stands for natural and skin friendly ingredients to care their consumers. I'll buy the Sebamed Creme in the future and maybe also the Pflege-Gel and the Wellness shower but the other ones I don't need.

But I also have found a minus/disadvantage, because I am a person who look after the ingrediences and in this products I found really often the Phenoxyethanol which I try to avoid in my care range.

You can make your own opinion as you look their brand site.

All of these products and full description of the brand/company you will find on this page:

I hope that you like this review and would be happy about your comment.


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