Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hi guys, I'm back with some news and inspirations:

"Hi I'm a bit crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(The pics are mine!!!)

My week fav brand: LAVERA

I've got a make up/foundation in the color Porcelain (yes I've such a light skin:-)), a concealer combi with roll-on fluid to protect your skin and avoid acne or little pimples.

The brand LAVERA produces natural products, which are made only with the organic grown ingredients.

I've use a long time ago the BASIS SENSITIVE handcream from this brand but I really fast changed my handcreams, so now/at the moment I didn't use these handcream.

But now as I said I'm using the foundation, the concealer and a Cream with organic Almond & organic Jojoba which is called "Baby & Child Cream" (yes I know that I'm a little bit more older but my skin is really sensitive on some parts so I really use often beauty products which are made for small children or babys).

The cream is really worth to buy, the concealer is for my skin type to dark (maybe I'll use it in a month - maybe I'll have one/two grades darker  skin  - it's summer:-)) but the roll on fluid is really good and helps my small problems at my T-Zone to clean.

And the foundation is totally my color, but if you want to put it on in the morning and want to go to a party or to a date, dinner ... after your work/school, you should make a check whether the foundation is on every place at your face, because as it's a full natural product it doesn't stays 24hour perfect on each part of your face, you surely know what I mean (but maybe it's only my skin - please write me your command if you also use this product).
You can check the brand website and inform yourself at their page (

(All pics are mine!!!)

So that was all I hope you like this post and thanks for watching my site:-)


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