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My summer Make up - fresh, natural and sea magic:-)

My summer Make up - fresh, natural and sea magic:-)

And here is the original:-):

I've used for this make up: Estee Lauder Lipstick 01 Pink Sand, Rouge Rose 612 from COSLINE Cosmetic (which I've made a product review last time: ), YSL OMBRES 5 LUMIERES 13, a little bit of Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation Porcelain 01

All these products you can buy at:,,

These are my absolutely fav summer songs:

David Guetta "Till Sunshine"
Kaoma "The Lambada"
Laid Back "Sunshine Reggae"
Holly Johnson "Americanos"
Kate Yanoi "Summer dreaming"
National Lampoon's European Vacation "Holiday Road"
Jason Aldean "Fly Over States"
Keith Urban "Long Hot Summer"

Now let me show you my fav online shop's of this week:

(Photo Credits: OFFICE - I don't own each of them!)

OFFICE is an online shop for shoes which you can buy in the UK, Ireland, Western Europe and also in the rest of the world - 

(Photo Credits: Calourette - I don't own each of them!)

Calourette is a design jewellery  store - where you can buy necklaces, rings, bangles, brooches, earrings, and other things - an amazing range of non typical but ultra fashion accessoires:-)

(Photo Credits: Lauren Moffatt - I don't own each of them!)

Lauren Moffatt - a designer store where you can buy such pieces - I really love the swimsuit, the dress on the right sight and the blouse/skirt on the right site of the swimsuit!!! -

(Photo Credits: Ruche - I don't own each of them!)

I wanna be a country girl, to smell the fresh lemon air, and never stop to have a nice landscape flair:-) Shop Ruche is a vintage clothes store where you can buy such amazing looking pieces:-)

(Photo Credits: Kling - I don't own each of them!)

No matter whether italy or spain each of this countries have an amazing taste of clothes!!! Kling is located in Madrid and on other location in spain but you can also buy online some of these pieces.

(Photo Credits: Madewell - I don't own each of them!)

Madewell since 1937 - stands for lovely/hype modern/design casual clothes - it's nonsense to look boring if you are on a trip or on a shopping haul - you should look always top stylish and trendy:-) 

SIMA COSMETICS - Natürlich Luxus – Janssen Organics

The "Janssen Organics" Beauty care high quality facial/body care products which are checking always the right balance between the nature and ecology. The founder of this growing company is Alfred Sima, the company was found 1976. (You can find more information on their own website:

What I've tested for you - Jannsen Organics:
 Cleansingmilk, Soft Peeling, Hydrating Lotion, Intense Moisturizer, Rich Firming Cream, Eye care cream, Body Peel and Body Skin Butter

You should known that the Eye care cream, Intense Moisturizer and Rich Firming Cream were tested by my mum, because she's older and has wrinkles but I don't need such products today so I thought that it makes more sense to test it on my mum:-)

But I absolutely love the Cleasingmilk it's a soft milk with a creamy consistence which you apply on your face and wash the rest of it with water - your face feels sooo soft after one time!!! (I'm sad that I've only two testers and not the whole bottle:-()

The Soft Peeling is something that I made only twice time, and basically I've done this at the evening, because my opinion is, that your face needs more care at night. Yes I would say these peeling is really good for people who want to have a fresh and clean face, but if you've a T-Zone or some acne, or as I've sometimes oily and very sensitive skin you should make each "Peelingtime" after 2 days:-) But it works really, but and higher effect you will reach if you bought the whole product.

The hydrating Lotion is also creamy and soft and has a light smell which I really prefer by a facial cream. And help your face to get some freshness, good for hot summer days:-)

About the Eye care cream, Intense Moiturizer and Rich Firming Cream I'll tell you in some days, because my mum hasn't tried all products until now so I've not the results (which will be not so extremly because if you've only small tester, you can get only a lightly possitive/negative ressults).

I'm definitivly highly satisfied with this products, they are really high quality and the packaging of the original bottles is also very clean and looks good at your bathroom:-) These products are worth to buy!!!

So if you've further questions you can go to their website and inform yourself about each of the products (

This is for Alfred Sima: Thank you again for the opinion/chance to test your high quality products  I was really  happy  with the results:-)

And the nail polish (Vernis a ongles) which I've got as a gift. It's  from M.P. Cosmetique (brand) and produced in Spain -  in the color CERISE FLUO (No. 84) a red/coral tone which I really love I've put it on last Friday and was amazed about the color!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Wish you all a nice day and hope you'll follow my blog also in the next time - PLEASE add my blog!!!


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