Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fav' bloggers

My favorite blogger site of the week - FASH BOULEVARD

Here is a collage which I made with my fav inspirations from Anna:

(The pictures don't belong to me!!! - They are from her website/blog:

Yea I really love this style and combination of colorful and simple clothes:-)

Another blog/site which I really often (every day!!!) read is THE BEAUTY DEPARMENT:

(The pic's are from their website or pinterest: - They don't belong to me!)

I've learned sooo much from the TBD Team!!! - I hope you will find also something which inspire and teach you something new:-)


I think that I'll do it also in the next time again, because it's sooo terrible to storage the hole make up in a chaotic way:-)

Here are the (my) fav products (no the most used products) of this week:

(The picture is mine!!!)

1. HAWAIIAN TROPIC Protective Sun Lotion 15 (because the sun is shining and it's so hot), 2. Clearasil Daily Care Facial Peeling & Wash (I also use the Clearasil Perfecta Wash in green - it helps really!!!), 3. BURT'S BEES Beeswax Lip Balm Original (sooo refreshing minty!!!), 4. BIOHTIN Nailcare pen/cream (my nails are growing faster after I use this cream), 5. AXE Anarchy Deodorant/Body Spray for Her (its an L.E. - Limited Edition :-( It smells so fruity with a touch of bourbon vanilla  - yummy) and 6. Anna Sui Secret Wish Perfume (I really absolute love this perfume it smells so exotic like a hawaiian/tahiti summer holiday - with a touch of pineapple, mandarin, floral I think and it really makes you a nice feeling to get new energy to get your dreams come true!!!)

So that was all about beauty for this week I hope you like it and visit also my other websites and most the youtube site.


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