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Hi guys,

here is my second product review of this week - FLORENA skin care:

I have get from the Beiersdorf AG (Brand Management Florena, Unnastraße 48, 20253 Hamburg/GER).

Here is the product list - which I've tested for you:

Gesichtswasser mit Bio Aloe Vera & Gurke/Facial tonic with Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber
Softcreme mit Bio Aloe Vera/Soft Cream with Bio Aloe Vera
Ausgleichende Nachtpflege mit Grünem Tee & Reispuder/Balance facial night cream with green tea and rice extract
Mattierende Tagespflege mit Grünem Tee und Reispuder/facial day cream with green tea and rice extract
Duschgel mit BIO Sanddorn & Zitronenstrauch/Shower gel with Organic Sea Buckthorn and Lemon Verbena

A collage of the FLORENA Products:

(This collage and pics are mine!!!)

First let me tell you that I've bought some months ago one of the FLORENA shower gels but it was the other one with olives and I was satisfied.

Now I've get the chance to try more products in one time:-) so I really enjoyed this, and I also find out soon that I don't really like the shower gel because it doesn't smell so good, the quality and care is absolutely great but the smell is not really mine, I don't know maybe they should make another ranges/types of the shower gels. The two facial creams are my favorites, the high quality and really good smell facial creams are just soooooooooooo amazing and really rich in healthy vitamins/nutritions and other ingredients, I really like the consistency of the two pieces because the color is cream white (you know not really white white but cream white:-)) and they smell so good ( a litte bit like rice pudding - yummy:-) but maybe it's only my opinion when I hear that it includes rice extract (hahaha) - I recommend this two products really they are so gentle to apply, you don't need a lot to put on your face so it will take you maybe 3 months to finsih this small jar!!!

And the other two products (the facial toner with Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber, soft cream/bodycream with Organic Aloe Vera) are different.

The toner is also very good I think, I've small acne(or should I said "Pickel") and after I used this toner in cooperation with the two facial creams for day/night my skin problem was definetly reducted!!!

But I think that this toner is not better as another toner from the drugstore, so if you are not using the two amazing Florena facial creams as I do, you will not see a difference, only if it's really hot and you need to hydrate your facial skin you will feel/notice a light refreshness.

And the FLORENA soft cream/creme is also really hydrating but also really rich so you need a really small portion of this cream to put/smut it on your body, because if you take more, you will see that it is hard to smut(verschmieren) it on your skin.

Here is also a price list (which the FLORENA Team had sent me to show you how much each of them cost):

You will find the products in regular drugstores in Germany/Austria like dm or you can inform yourself via their website:

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