Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My begin of this week - Shopping Haul by ZARA

Hi guys,
today I wanna show you pic(-collage) of my shopping trip in ZARA, where - PLUS CITY (

(All pics are mine!!!)

I really like my new shorts the whole mix is an 80s & californian style:-)

(Yeahhhhh it really rocks - for me:-))

And here I'm:-):

(All pics are mine!!!)

What did you think about my style???

Wish you a nice afternoon:-)


Monday, 25 June 2012


Hi guys,

I'm back and this week I wanna show/tell you more than I've done the last weeks. Yea, because it's summer, the weather is better than in the spring/autumn and winter and you've a better feeling if you know what I mean:-)

So let me show you which products I've used the last week and which I'm also using this week (because they really gives my face a little bit more hydrating effect!!!):

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Wash Gel & Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser

You see that I've been using the two products since last week - during my day/night facial care routine:-) (You really need more than one/two pumps of the Daily Wash Gel and for the Moisturiser I normally use 6 really small/half piece of hazelnut  pumps - you'll not need to buy the product each two month maybe each three months!!!)

 I really recommend this products because they really works and promise to clear your whole face and avoid to get any spots or acne or other facial problems:-))

Yes I'm really satisfied and will buy these products in the future, because as I said they really works!!!

When I was a teen girl I also often use the Visbibly Clear Oil-free Facial Wash (it's the orange one:-)) I actually think that I like a little bit more the smell of the orange one but the Pink Grapefruit has a better colour:-) But the results are the same - they works!!!
 It's your own matter which one you choose at your local drugstore or supermarket.

For more information you can visit the Neutrogena Website: http://www.neutrogena.de,

I wanna also thank the nice M2 Team for get these two amazing products:-) (

I know that I've maybe give more positive recommends than negative, but it's because I can't really find any negative points, but trust me, that if I'll find any negative things I would write it on my blog , because as I'm also reading a lot of blogs about inspirations and test reviews (usually when I'm going to buy some new products or to find some new which aren't on the other blogs:-)) and I would also be sure to get the truth/ correct test reviews!!!

So you can be sure that I'm writing all of my test review's with my own skin results (I've a sensitive/normal skin - body, and my face is usually a normal skin with sometimes a T-Zone) When I'm stressed I usually get a T-Zone - so don't be stressed!!!


This body-/face care brand was found more than 30 years ago and the Decleor Paris Team is specializied for the SPA-Segment.

You can buy body-/face care products, sun care products and they also over a men care collection!!!
It's an expensive brand which works only with high quality ingredients.

 I've tested two products from the facial care line and two products from the sun care line:

Lait Demaquillant - face care line: Aroma Cleanse (white tab)
Masque Hydratant Fine Fleur - face care line: Hydra Floral (yellow tab)
Creme Protectrice Anti Rides SPF 15 - sun care line: Aroma Sun Expert
Creme Apaisante Apres-Soleil - sun care line: Aroma Sun Expert

Lait Demaquillant (soft facial cleasing milk) this one is really rich and smell really nice but for me it's not a daily care product, because it's too reach for my skin - I really don't know why, maybe it's because I've a really sensitive and small T-Zone skin:-)

It's for all skin types, light texture, for face and eyes - perfect as a make up remover!!! (yea I think I'll use this product for this:-)), essential oils: lavender, petit grain : 0,04 %, essential  botanical extract: orange, kiwi, mallow (Malve): 4,5 %, moisturizing substance

Masque Hydratant Fine Fleur (rich facial hydrating mask with Aquaporin technologie), it also protect your skin from negative environmental conditions and refresh your face!!! This is my fav product from Decleor Paris because it smell sooooooooooooooooo yummy (I know it's only a care product but it really smell like SUMMER:))

What you will find inside this mask (ingrediences): extracts from mint and orange blossom, extracts from Codium and wild pansy,micro proteins from Moringa Oleifera an an essential oil  from neroli. Free from parabens and mineral oil/petroleum!!! I really recommend this product - my skin feels more fresh and moisturized after I used this product!!!

 Creme Protectrice Anti Rides SPF 15 (Anti Aging facial sun care SPF 15) this creme should give your face as desired the engery and (ADN-Protect-Komplex, UVA/UVB protection) prevent the skin ageing (Tahiti-Vanille, essential oil from Damaszener rose). It should also protect your skin - DNA (extract from the jasmine flower) and gives your skin cellular a better quality, your lipid production will be activated, prevent small wrinkles (SolCollagenine-Complex: Lupines and sunflower). It makes your own body defenses stronger (Tahiti-curcuma).
It really smells like summer with a warm, charm note - to make a breakup to one of your favorite holidays:-)

Creme Apaisante Apres-Soleil (After Sun facial care) I'm not sure but I think that this one tester I've not tested until yet, but no problem. I'll describe you what's inside the After Sun cream and my opinion of this product:-)

The brand trust the customer to reach a moisturized and after sun protected skin, which keeps your tan longer, the sensation of heat will be reduced and you will keep your youth skin longer!!!

Ingredientes: extracts from mango butter and jojoba-fruits, essential oil from neroli, extracts from the Talapetraka plant - Madagascar, Sol-Collagenine-Komplex, argan oil, extract from melon. The fragrance is the same or maybe a little bit more tropical as the one from Creme Protectrice Anti Ridges SPF 15.

For more informations visit their own website:

Wanna thank again the Decleor Paris Team to assist me with their own products to test them for you:-)

I hope that you like my two brand test reviews and thank you for watching my blog:-)

Wish you all a nice day.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Summer is here - I love this videos from the youtube channel: Menorca Fun - it's like I would be back on my second dream home:-) (

What to do in Menorca Episode 1 (

I love this island - it's how I said my second dream home!!!

 Here is a collage with my own CASTELL - Abarcas Menorquinas:

(All these pics are mine!!!)

You can watch the movie/trailer of the fair in Milan 2011 - Castell A. Menorquinas:

Feria Milan 2011 con Business TV (Avarca Castell - Menorca)

My brother was last week in Italy and he bought me this sooooooo lovely smelling hand/body soaps, which are made only with natural ingrediences, and has signs like: 100% energia verde, WWF, Lifegate CO2 Impatto Zero, Stop Animal Testing, Eticlab and Imballo Riciclato Certificato. So I'm soo happy that he bought me a new brand soap which I don't know until yet.

If you also don't know nothing about this brand -  visit their website:

What you should also watch are these funny videos (some are so funny that I can't stop laughing:-)):

Vizsla Dog Swim with GoPro Hero Camera under water

Surf And Sail - water sports at Balerares / Menorca

The funny ones:
EXTREME GER√úCHE im Sommer mit Winfried!!
Call Me Maybe by Katy Perry and friends

So I hope you like also this post and thanks for following my blog:-)

Soon I'll be back with news!!!