Monday, 14 May 2012

My WEEK!!!


I'm back with a few new things & inspirations:-)

Here you'll see a collage about my fav pieces of this may-week (7-13 may 2012):

Yea Fiji Water is sooooooooooooooo amazing:-), I've drank this water also in N.Y. and it's so energizing!!! Yes, it's a normal high quality water but that these one is more than this I can't believe until now (it's the best one that I've ever choose!!! - I will buy one next time, maybe soon, because if I'm feel that I will become a little more tired or if I'll get some headache - FIJI really helps to keep you fit in body & mind!!!

And the other one fav of this week is - ALBRECHTS PATISSERIE - Cake in the WECK-Glass Jar:
This pic is also my - All photos belongs to me, the other ones are from the Albrechts Patisserie Website (Postcards):

Yesterday, it was the 13, may and it was motherday:-) I have made the breakfast for my mum (as I do this nice service each year:-)) and this year it was more special because I've had three nice Cakes from the high quality ALBRECHTS PATISSERIE - BERLIN/GERMANY!!!

Here is the list of my three cakes (yummy:-)):

1. Schokoladenkuchen im Glas groß/klein 6,40/4,40 (Chocolate cake big/small)
2. Haselnusskuchen im Glas groß/klein 6,40/4,40      (Hazelnut cake big/small)
3. Karottenkuchen im Glas groß/klein 6,40/4,40        (Carot cake big/small)

First let me tell you that each cake was special & with love made (I'm sure) but let me say the minus/negative at first, the carot cake (Karottenkuchen) was a little bit too much moist and I think that this one was unfinished!!! - Yeah, I can't believe this because the other ones were fantastic!!!

The chocolate cake was and is my fav one of all, because it reminds me when I was a little girl and went to the kindergarden, we also have had such cakes if somebody has had a birthday:-) The chocolate which is used must be very quality because you will smell a fresh chocolate breeze at first after you will open the WECK glass jar and after you've tried it you will sure be in heaven:-)

The other/second one - the hazelnut cake was also very excellent, my mum prefers this one, it has also some small chocolate parts in the dough and also very fresh and high quality ingredients and tasts also very good to coffee and tea, a great present all over the year not only for a mothersday but also of course for a nice autumn picnic:-)

And all these cakes are packed with a nice small red cotton pattern (red usually but the carot cake came with a pink pattern) which is like the grandma style but also very stylish.

If you will also try one of the amazing cakes please check their website: and go to the shop section (the carrot cake isn't there but you can ask the team, whether you will be able to order this one:-)) and for all lovers and couples who are ready to marry please also check their wedding cake - page, if you are interested :  

I hope that you will like this post and see you later.


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