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80's inspirations, music and product reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys I'm back with lots of news and inspirations, it's a long weekend for me, so I've more time to do something for my blog site:-)

Now let me show you my favorite sun protect brand (which I normally choose each year:-)):


(These collages I made with pics from the owners website:,,, and from the internet - they didn't belong me!)

At the moment I am using the HAWAIIAN Tropic PROTECTIVE Sun Lotion SPF/UVB 15 with vitamins C & E and which is very water resistant and smells soooooooooooooooo good (think that it smells a little bit like papaya and cocos and tahiti - I can't describe it really much, it's a very special summer holiday smell for me!!!) I would recommend it to all of you, which have also such a light skin as I've. My mum also uses this brand but she normally buys the Dry Oil Protection.

LAPP & FAO The brand with nice packed and highquality products!!!

I've tested some products (three products:-)) from LAPP & FAO in the past and I must say that they are really fantastic in smell and taste!!!:

1. LAPP & FAO  Misses Vanilla Sirup/Syrup with fine bourbon vanille 200ml (bottle:-)):

(These pictures and the whole collage is mine!!!)

I first tried these syrup one week ago and I must say that it really tastes good:-) You can give the syrup into your coffee, cappucino, baked goods, desserts (like ice cream), soda/club water (vanilla water) or as I have done into a tea (homemade ice tea).

For my ice tea I've put two tea sachets (Meßmer Premium Waldbeere) into my glass tea pot (yea my pot is made of glass), I put one thin sliced lime into my glass tea strainer and I think two or three large spoons of the LAPP & FAO Misses Vanilla Syrup and douse it with hot water. My pot size is 1.5 - 2liter. And after three hours I've tasted my homemade ice tea and I was fully amazed about the fantastic flavour:-)

The syrup costs 6 € (5,95€).

2. LAPP & FAO Sunny Island Cake - Orangenkuchen/Orange cake mit/with mallorquinischen Orangen/ oranges from mallorca 150g :

The pic's and the whole collage belong to me!!!
 (I'm so sorry that I've didn't put this cake a little bit more nice on my lovely small glass plate but the cake is sooooo fresh and soft that it's really hard to take it into one positon on the plate:-))

Yeah this small cake or as I would say "cakey" (it's my own word for small cakes:-)) is made with fresh oranges and lemons from mallorca and an orange syrup. When I've opened the jar a nice light fresh aromatic smell cames out, and after I've tasted the first spoon (yes I eat it with a spoon because as I sayed some senteces ago, these cake is really soft!!!) I was totally amazed about it, you really smell the oranges and lemons but I didn't really smell the syrup maybe because the oranges are so aromatic, I don't know.

The consistence of this really good baked cake is a little bit weet, soft and sticky (the syrup!!!) so I use a spoon for it.

When I was in Menorca especially in Mao/Mahon and Arenal D'Castell I tried some sweet treats, yeah I know that it isn't Mallorca but the sweets are the same I think. The cake reminds me automatically on my holidays on the balearic island:-) I would buy maybe more, as an gift for one my family member or my friends.

It's a really quality and I'm sure with love made good and tastes fantastic!

The cake costs 7€ (6,95€).

3. LAPP & FAO Tahiti Dream Trinkchocolade aus Criollo Kakao mit Bourbon Vanille / drink chocolate made from criollo cacao with bourbon vanille 100g.

I didn't have tried it until yet, because it was such a nice weather and I drink chocolate only if the wheather isn't really nice or if it's cold outside.

But I will put a further post about the LAPP & FAO Tahiti Dream Trinkchocolade with a nice recipe in the next time on my blog.

Here I've a pic from the website of LAPP & FAO (which is on the Bremer Feinkost website where you can buy the products.)

Photo Credit: Lapp&Fao

The drink chocolate costs 8€ (7,95€).

Here you will find the link from the shop from where I've my products:

And the link to the LAPP & FAO website:

My further product preview - CATHERINE NAIL COLLECTION

I reseved some week ago a nice small package from CATHERIN N.C. and want to thank them again for this nice gift:-)

Yea I get two nail polishes (Colour: 605/pink, 507/coral red with shimmer), Nailcare Butter "to go", Versiegelungslack, Lip Stick (it's a red lip stick - which I really like because I love red lips:-) Nr. 507), Lip Gloss (a pinky ones Nr. 604)

Here is a collage which I've made with my pics to show you how cute the products are:

(All pics are mine - they belong me!)

Oh yea I also reseved a small booklet from the CATHERINE N.C. Brand:-)

1. Let me tell you that I didn't tried all products until yet ( I now that I should post something that I've done but sometimes I didn't wan't to put one all colours each day or sometimes I didn't have selfmade pic's from my hands  - which are not so nice at the moment:-()

But I have tried one week the Nail Butter and I must say it's a great idea for all of you who didn't wan't to buy a Dior Apricot Creme which is an expensive nail care product or who didn't get the chance to buy the BIO-H-TIN nail cream PLUS from Pfleger (which is my high favorite for nails!!!). The Nailbutter from CATHERINE is really soft and smells not so intensively (as for exemple the Nail Butter from Burt's Bees with Lemon which highly smells like lemons - but I like/buy it also :-)) and really helps dry parts of your nails to hydrate and give a small nutrition to your finger nails. I would recommend it.

The pinky lip gloss from CATHERINE is an amazing colour and it also doesn't gets off too early from your lips  - so it stays a long time on the right position on your lips:-) I love it - it's my fav at the moment.

The Versiegelungslack is really useful for light colours nail polishes but if you wear darker once you should use another one because I think that the colour gets really hard to remove with a nail polish remover afer you have put on the V.lack. But the positive point is that the colour doesn't split and that the Versiegelungslack really protect the colour.

The two nail polishes and the lip stick are my next testers but until now I haven't try them out, I hope I will do it in some days:-)

But I'm sorry the pink once (nail polish) I've tested on my feets and the colour is really 80's  - I love it and it also really stays a long time and didn't split I also didn't use the V.lack so you see that the polishes from CATHERINE are also really worth to buy because you didn't have to remove each week twice your colour from your fingers or feets.

Here is the website from CATHERIN N.C:
The shop for private persons:
The shop for profi worker - nail salons:

I hope that you have enjoyed my posts and I wish you all a nice evening.


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