Sunday, 20 May 2012

The 80's inspiration of this week:-)

Hi I'm back, I hope that you've had also such a great weekend as I had:-) and I wish all who are reading my posts a nice week, temperature is climbing and the sun is shinning so what could be better as to go for a trip to the nearest beach??? Yeah, I know that this idea is for the most of us not possible at the moment, because for example I've the nearest in Spain or Italia, and that's far away if you aren't driving with the plain:-) O.K. so let me show you my fav pieces of this week, my latest fav songs and my latest video which I wanna show you the next days (I'm sorry - it isn't finished yet, but it will be in one day - I hope so:-)) :

This first collage you see here is from the fabulous DIY Guru/Maker Erica Domesek from

(Photo Credits: P.S. I Made This- I don't own each of them!)  

This pics are sooooooooooooooo lovely, so I decided to show you my fav one from
 she has an amazing style!!!

(Photo Credits: Evelina Barry - I don't own each of them!)

Yeah here are my fav songs (they are 6!!! - for this week:-)) actually they all are not the latest charts, but they've really reached my heart:

1. Early Winters Count me in -
2. Sunshine Song -
3. Save the best at last -
4. Nothing gonna stop me now -
5. Out on the town -
6. The colour of love -

Yes these are my fav one for this week!!!

I hope that you'll like these new inspiration's and pic's I've put on my blogsite and I wish you a nice day.


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