Tuesday, 13 March 2012

AKZENT direct Nail Polishes

My first beauty inspiration:-)


I'm back on my lovely blog with an inspiration - beauty inspiration and my personal opinion about these products (nail polishes & cream & nail file) from AKZENT direct.

Some pics:-)
These pic is owned by myself:-)

My personal opinion about the AKZENT direct products:

1. The Vital Hand Cream smells very well!!! (it has a mixture of lightly cotton scent with fresh light floral scents) - I'll recommend it - it makes your skin softly and your nails will also thank you (they will get stronger:-))
2. The All in One Nail Polish is an clear Polish which I used very often since I've got it (my nails gets stronger and they also growth a little bit - I have got this products last week!!!)
3. The "Timeless" pastel/cotton pink nail file  cames with a very nice packaging, yes I was really amazed that this file looks as before I've seen it on the website of AKZENT direct.
But I haven't used them until now, because I've other fails which I must to use ( no it's only excuse - because this nail file is too cute to use it:-))
4. And last but not least the nail polishes - this is hard for me to say but only Nr. 74 which is the light blue one shows the quality which I've thought about all of them:-( I didn't know why this is my final opinion about the polishes but try it - maybe I've got some which were too fluidy - yea really it takes maybe more than 10 minute to make my nails well, the polishes are really runny, but please note that I've it since one week so they couldn't be old!!!

So the blue one Nr. 74 has a very amazing/magical color, if you put on your nails the first coat you'll see that it's very light and clear with a lightly blue background and shimmer which changes the color in the loom(light). I would recommend to put on 2 or 3 very thin coats so that you will have lovely lightly blue shimmer summer nails:-) - This is my fav polish this spring!!!

But I'm sorry but the other 3 colors hasn't  got the quality, which I've expected, because they split according to a/one day!!!

My opinion is that maybe AKZENT direct could work a little bit on the consistency/texture of their polishes to make it a little bit less runny:-) but apart from that I'll buy the cream (Vital Hand Cream) and maybe also the All in One Nail Polish in the future - they are really good!!!

Open here - if you're interested in AKZENT direct products:


I hope you'll like my first product test  statement and hope you'll read my next one:-)


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