Monday, 5 March 2012


nice good morning (it's 6:43:-)) I know I must change the time at my blog but now let me tell you about something, which is a little bit more interesting. About the best (they are my favorites) music websites:

1. First:
The Rolling Stone Magazine  (where you can find the latest news, albums, ...)
2. Second: (I like to read it often:-), but Rolling Stone M. is better I think, Billboard is the "Charts&Video" Site)
3. Universal Music - Newcomer (I want be also there!!!)
4. The Official Charts Company (my second favorite site after R.S.M.!!!)

Yea that was all:-)

I was also in London 2 years ago (2010 - april/march) and that was amazing, I'll post here also some of my private pics soon!!!

Something to smile:-):

John Mulaney - Terrible Driver

So I'll write my next post maybe in some hours.

Wish you a nice day,

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