Monday, 5 March 2012


It is a very cold, bad and eh weather, but I'm still happy (how can that be???) maybe because my good mark at the last revision at school or maybe  because I've create some collages of myself:-):

Yea I'm really a freaky person (he,he,he) you'll see that I've no make-up only a lipstick (Bobbi Brown colors from the Limited Edition Bobbi B. 1991 Lip Palette, I don't now which one because I've mixed it:-))

Now let me show you also some of my London Pics from march/april 2010 (I know they are old but I love them and the photos are memories for me - my sweet time in London!!!)

All photo's in this post are mine!!!

Yea 2010 I was with my brother in London (I was 16), that was really funny!!!

I love the brit flair & style, lifestyle and I also try always to learn write better in english:-)

So I hope you've a better weather.

See you later,

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