Saturday, 3 March 2012


here is my first post (it's amazing:-) I don't know what I should write at first, maybe something about beauty, or the 80's or about music. Mmmmh, or maybe about " What's the weather like?" (no that was a joke:-). So you'll see in the next time more post like this but also some which are really about beauty, my own inspirations and my music and of the 80's.

Yes, I'm not very old to be such a 80's fan, but I don't know, maybe it's because I think that this time was the best for music, fashion and lifestyle. It wasn't such a fast time, as it is now, but people were more creative (like designers - fashion) it was a special time. Beauty is another chapter at my blog, I began to put on make-up one year ago (and I'm almost 19!!!) yea I'm really naturally, I don't need to get out of home with a second face, you know what I mean???

I think it's really essential to find the right balance, to be not over rouged but rather it should looks like you were without make up, unless you are putting on your night make up.

So and music will be my third chapter on this blog (maybe the most importend for me), I will posed something about my favorite singers/bands and about charts but also about my singing, maybe somebody will listen to the songs that I will put on it (they are not my own songs, because I write songs but I've not playing instruments!!!)

Inspirations are things, which reminds you on something, or which let you create your own things/person, and sometimes they are only trends:-) So maybe you will like it and maybe don't , because I'll not show trends, I'll show my own choice of fashion, lifestyle and new things. 

Yes, that was that I want to tell you at my first post:-)

I wish each of you a nice afternoon,


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