Tuesday, 20 March 2012



I'm back, with my third product test:-)

Now I'll describe and speak about the organic cosmetic/make up from EVERYDAY MINERALS

The founder of this amazing brand/company is Carina Menzies, she believes thatall-natural makeup products should not cost a fortune. (And she's right:-)) All pieces from E.M. have the  No Animal Testing Promise and the are manufactured in Texas Austin - USA. (I don't know whether all pieces but the blush and eyeshadows which I have are from Texas!!!)

Here is a collage of my fav pieces:

All pieces belongs to me!!!

I've tested it and you'll see here on my blog some further post with this products in the future (I'll post some pics of my styling make up tutorials - which are inspired by the 80's:-))

My opinion about E.M.:

At first let me tell you that the eye brush is soooooooooooooooo soft and it looks really nice - really good quality (I hope for long:-)).

The blush which I've is really lightly shimmer rose tone and it's called "Pink Ribbon". Since I've got it I put it maybe each second day on my cheeks and eyes (yes eyes, it's also a really good eyeshadow - and I've also tried to put it on my lips with a bit lip balm and gloss!!!) - this product is really, really and really good.

The four eyeshadow which I've got with the brush (it was a eyeshadow set which's called: Vintage Girl Kit - the name is so cute:-)). The white color I basically use for the undertone and the second step is to put on the light lilac tone on the outside of my eyes and the third step is to put on a little bit of the dark lilac and a little really little one of the darkest one. You'll have nice retro eyes:-)

But I will post the next days some pics of my eyes - how I've put on the shadows. 

As I am a person which is always on the hunt for organic and the latest one make up products and fragrances, inspirations and other things you'll see on my blog - I always look for something new:-)

P.S.: Here is the store wherefrom I've my EVERYDAY MINERALS products/pieces:

It's a really friendly online store wherefrom you will get very fast and well shipped goods - I will recommend this store and this products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also hope that you have a nice day - today:-)

See you later,

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