Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's wishes and hopes and ideas how to celebrate it!

Hi guys,

in my last post (I can't believe it  - that's the final post in 2012!!!!) I'll show you my wishes and hopes for 2013 and some ideas  - how you could celebrate it:)

(Photo Credits: Pinterest, tumblr)

"My New Year's Wish & Hope":
1. Be more self-confident 
2. Be more patient - all things need their time! 
3. Finally reach my longterm goal! - I've been waiting for soooo long 
4. Travel, travel more and explore unknown countries! 
5. Be happy about each days! 'Cause each day is worth for living and moving forward! 
6. Find your sould mate/big love:) 
7. Say "NO" less than ever and "YES" more than ever!

What are you wishes/hopes for 2013? - Let me know in your comments:)

At home we prepare all day long some fresh appetizers/fingerfood like: small open sandwiches/breads with different spreads in vegetarian and meat variations and we also drink in the evening non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and make drinks with them:) - here are some ideas for appetizers/finger food for the long, long night:

Some pretzels with chocolate and pecan nut coating for the sweet tooth or some fresh cut celery with feta cheese or cottage cheese filling and olive decoration, oh or what about fresh cut apples with peanut butter a healthier variation of sweet tooth:) A fruit sushi, macaroons or fruit kabobs, small petit fours, tacos with guacamole (oh I LOVE GUACAMOLE - it reminds me on my grandpa from Tucson/Arizona:)), bruschetta or traditional czech small open breads/sandwiches/baguettes called "Chlebicky":)

And what you should offer your guests/family - a PINKY SECCO/PROSECCO/CHAMPAGNER.

I love the packaging, but I'm not drinking alcohol!!!! I only take some small "drops each New Years Night - to clink glasses, but usually I love the non-alcoholic variation like Robby Bubble (YES I'm a Robby Bubbly drinker with 19! - the Tropic ones is my fav'!) or last I've seen, that you can buy a Rose/Pink non-alcoholic Secco too! - called LIGHT Live (but I'm not sure, whether we can buy it too in the UK or other european countries:))

And here you see our Guacamole and other "Chlebicky" and of course our drinks for this year:

These three pic's are only the first treats, but as you know the night is long, long long:) We will have more snacks but the beverage will be the same:)( I drink at the moment some grapefruit juice and other non-alcoholic drinks and I'll have my first and last alcoholic beverage at midnight - 2013!) We've bought the rose/pink brut secco from Cavas Hill (made in the lovely Espana:)) and our non-alcoholic ones is from Tesco finest Orange/Mango Spritz

I hope, that you'll have such a great New Year's Day and Night as I'll and wish you all the best, good luck, health and success for 2013. I'll also say a big THANK YOU! to all of you, thank you soooo much for following my blog this year, hope you'll read and visit my blog the next years too:)

With this post and song "Old Lang Syne" (which I've heard firstly last year by Lea Michele from the movie New Year's Eve) I wish you all the best and a successful 2013!:

Hope to see you next year too:)!


My natural "Last December Day" makeup:)

Hi guys,

before I'll post about my New Years eve makeup/hair style and what snacks and drinks we usually have (some ideas for you too:)) and and and and I'll show you my "Last December Day" makeup/style:):

I've been drinking the last days soooo much tea - oh maybe 3 or 5 tea bag packages (hahahaha:)) and my fav' tea at the moment is the one from Twinings - Black Tea flavoured with Vanilla:

It's such a delicious and cozy tea - I've usually combinated with some (skimmed) milk and 1-2 tsb. of good old canadian maple syrup (instead of sugar or honey - I don't drink usually sweeted teas 'cause I'm of the opinion, that a tea will always loose the typical characteristic:))  - a perfect winter/autumn cozy drink or a good alternative to a hot creamy chai latte:)!

And I've also made some "Pic's of my mouth":):
A kind of art - what do you think???? -  No I only joke:)

The last week was sooooooooooooooooo special for me:) 'Cause I've got handwritten notes from "Hard Not To Cry" (The Baseballs!!!!!) AND AN ORIGINAL AUTOGRAM CARD from the B. guys:)! Oh I love to hear their songs:)!

Hope that you've a great time:) See you soon!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Join the Daxon Blogger Community and you'll be surprised:)

Hi guys,

today I've found out (when I was just browsing on some of my fav' blogs:)) - that Daxon, has launched a new blogger network - which is called "Daxon VIP Fashion Bloggers".

How you can participate too (important are these three steps from their own website):

1. Add the Daxon Blogger network badge to your sidebar by grabbing the code below
2. Write a post about this opportunity. Be sure to include this link
3. Then, let us know you have completed these steps by emailing us

You'll receive as a blogger-member from Daxon a  £50* voucher from Amazon or Threadless just for joining!

I've done it after I've heard about this special chance - oh and the voucher from Amazon sounds good - 'cause I would by an IPAD bag for myself:) - Give it a try and don't waist your time:)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

24 December and the days after:)

Hi guys,

I've promised you, that I'll show you some pic's of our christmas eve (on 24th!) and also some from our 50's styled vintage christmas tree - which I love sooooooooooooooooo much:) and hope you'll like it too - lots and lots of vintage christmas tree ornaments:

And here some pic's from our christmas (dinner) table - we all love the simple classic red decoration:):

Here some pic's from our tree at night (when we've been surprised about our presents - for my cute little nephew it was the biggest surprise at all 'cause it was his first christmas eve!:)):

That's what Santa has left ("Oh I've been a really good girl this year Santa:)"):
I've got a lovely gingerbread man gift set from The Body Shop, a 28 Color Palette - Neutral Eyeshadow from bhcosmetics - it's the same as the one from Zoeva!:), a nice REAL coral necklace, the new David Garrett "Music" album, a girly manicure set, awesome white ear headset with real Swarovski Element stones, three new christmas movies for my christmas movie collection:) (Golden Winter, Nutcracker, The Muppet Christmas Carol), an Apple Keyboard for my IPAD:), a brush set from bhcosmetics and an AWESOME professional microphone from SAMSON (C01U)!!!! I'm so happy about all presents and can't get enough of them:)

Here's my "The Day after Christmas"-Makeup/Look (I've been using the new bhcosmetics palette and some other products from Max Factor, Rimmel London, Estee Lauder, Catrice and mineralhygienics:)):

Hope, that you've got such an awesome christmas eve night too:) and wish you lovely and cozy last christmas days too:)

See you soon! 


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells - Pre-Christmas time away:)

Hi guys,

I'm soooooooooooooooo sorry, that I've not write more during the last weeks of pre-christmas time - but I was soooo busy with our christmas shopping, home decoration and of course I'm a student so - lots and tons of work, and I was also testing the Black / Gold 3-in-1 NAIL ART Pen from npw, which you can buy for 7.95 pounds at Topshop or npw:

I really enjoy using the gold pen 'cause it's a perfect way how to create special designs and figures on your nails during christmas and winter holidays:) The black one will be reviewed in the next time too ('cause if've not tested it yet - but I'll do it the next time:)) The stones are gorgeous too, but for my holiday nail design I've just used the golden pen:)

Oh during this stressful time (before Christmas:)) I'm hearing lots of christmas and holiday songs:) and I've four christmas fav's this year:

(Photo Credits: Elvis Presley, Wham!, David Tobin, Albert Hammond)

1. Elvis Presley - The Wonderful World Of Christmas  (since I was a little girl he's my fav' and "Father" of christmas songs!:)
3. David Tobin - Dreaming of Snow (a great singer/writer and composer!) check out his site
4. Albert Hammond - Under The Christmas Tree (it's a perfect christmas song for all of you - who like the 80s like I do:))

During this cold time (without any snow:() I'm drinking more than usually tea (as I'm a tea junkie - you see it's a huge amount!!!!) and I've just tried out some of the new Pickwick teas from the christmas/fall range:

 (Photo Credits: Pickwick - I don't own each of them!)

I've already tried out the Pickwick Sweet Apple, Spiced Orange, Chocolate Mint and Smooth Chai and my fav' one at the moment is Smooth Chai (I've the last two teabags now:() as I'm a lover of Chai tea latte during the cold days I've drunk a lot of them the last days and of course the Sweet Apple one is a fabulous christmas flavour, it reminds me on fresh baked apples for christmas:) The Spiced Orange is spicy too but not really a "Wow I will drink more of them!" for me:) and the Chocolate Mint one is also not sooo minty for me, it doesn't taste like After Eight or like Bendick's Mint Crisps - which I really like:) It's more like chocolate and that's not really my fav flavour for tea:) But otherwise the teas are really yummy and I'll try the rest of them in the next time:) It's a illness - like if someone can't wait to buy the latest mobilephone or lipstick in all new colours - I'm freakin' out at the tea board at the supermarket or grocery if there's a new fruit/black or spicy tea:) It's strange I know - but tea is healthy:)

Now I would like to show you my - Christmas Snowy "Santa Baby" - Outfit and Makeup/Look, which I'm wearing a lot during this cold days - the last time, when I was for a new Coke at our local small grocery, it looks like, if I would be the niece from Santa:):

And I'm decorating our whole home (now you see my bedroom and living room decoration - next pic's will follow the next days:)):

My lovely christmas nails:):

Baking, drinking hot homemade good quality chocolate with a cute Santa Clause made from marzipan/almond paste - love it:) and enjoy my new snowflake-cup from Starbucks:) My advent calendar, which I've got when I was maybe 13:) And packing some gifts:)

Hope you'll visit me on my blog in the next days too and maybe you would like to follow me:) I'm happy about each comment you'll leave and I thank you sooooooooooo much for your support and reading my blog:) It really means a lot to me!:) I hope you all will have a great christmas time and a peaceful and lovely christmas eve:) I wish you all the best and hope, that you'll find under the christmas tree your very special wish and that your wish will come true:) But remember, to get gifts isn't the only thing, it's a special moment, if you are sitting together with your most important persons at the table and eat the festive meal and to talk together about past stories or watch TV with them or just enjoy the christmas time and see the sparkle eyes from your younger siblings, nieces/nephews (as I'll as my 8 months old nephew will celebrate this year his VERY first christmas!!!! - how amazing is that:)) or yourself at your christmas tree:) I can't wait until tomorrow:) it's too long to wait to see the shiny tree with the surprise under it but as I say it means a lot more as only presents:)

See you soon and Merry Christmas!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Natural Mineral Makeup - Before/After

Hi guys,

few posts ago:) I've mentioned and post about the US well-known natural Mineral Makeup brand - Mineral hygienics - (look my first post about this brand:))  And I was asked to show you guys a before and after pic - so I decided to show you a collage of myself (as I really enjoy making collages:)):


(After I've put on the Mineral hygienics Enhancer - Cool Kiss on my cheeks,  Fair Mineral Foundation all over my face, Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish in Translucent also all over my face to and I've used for all three natural mineral powders - the Mineral hygienics Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, which was included:))

And as I've washed my hair on these pics, the weren't full dried so I've made some more after they were full dried and also made some curls, but my hair are normally really curly (but I've used a straight - styler - so they weren't too curls on the pic's below:))

Here the result:
Wish you all a sparkle and magical frosty-snow evening (it's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)) and see you soon:)


Dresdner Stollen and Lebkuchen (Gingerbread:))

Hi guys:),

I'm totally in a christmas mood and oh now you can see and smell different sweets, treats and our granny's or you too are baking in your kitchen your fav christmas cookies and other special family secret sweet treasure:) I'm glad to get the chance to taste the original "Dresdner Christstollen" - which was founded in 1825!

What Dresdner Backhaus says about their christmas speciality:

"From our foundation in 1825 my family has been using the best ingredients to create an aromatic and delicious Stollen dough. Each loaf is lovingly formed by hand in the process of becoming one of our traditional Christmas Stollen: our guarantee for outstanding Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen quality."

This special and old traditional finest Dresdner Christmas-Stollen has won the Golden Price 2012 and also the Golden Price 2011 and 2010!

The optimum storage temperature is 12°C (53°F) and 70% humidity. For perfect enjoyment, you should leave your Stollen at room temperature an hour before cutting it from the middle. To prevent the halves from drying out, please rejoin the cut surfaces and store them in our special foil wrapping.

What's the History/Story behind the famous and well-known Dresdner Stollen:

The tradition of baking Christmas stollen in Dresden goes back to 1474. At that time the various kinds of bread, cakes and pastries were supposed to reflect religious motifs. The stollen as such was nothing but the symbolization of the Christ Child wrapped in diapers. At this time the use of butter for the production of pastry was forbidden during the period of fasting. As Christmas was preceded by the long Advent fasting, only oil could be used to bake stollen. Therefore the Electoral Prince Ernst and his brother, Duke Albrecht, applied to the Pope for an abrogation of the butter prohibition. The reasons both rulers forwarded can be seen in the reply of the Pope. This says:

"You explained to us that in your domains and lands oil trees do not grow, so that you dispose of far too little oil, which furthermore is of low quality, bad odor and has to be acquired at a high price, unless you use some other oil similar to rape oil, which does not correspond to human nature, is unhealthy and cuases many kinds of diseases with the inhabitants of your domains. Therefore we acknowledge your plea and allow - in papal power, with this letter - your wives, sons, daughters and all your true servants to use butter instead of oil, freely and in large quantities, without fear of major punishment." Later all Saxons were allowed to put butter into Stollen.

Here you see my Dresdner Stollen in the luxury and vintage wood box:

And TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - here you see the yummy christmas treat:

The color, scent and the fresh ingrediences - taste was amazing, I've offered it also to my mum, brother and we cannot await to taste the next slice - the whole stollen was eating between two days!!!! It's awesome - how such a old traditional and full/rich with fruits (raisins and orange peels....) and butter can taste like heaven:) Yeah but you shouldn't eat too much, as it's as I've said rich, but it's christmas time, so don't be shy and let your mood fly:)

The Dresdner Backhaus /Baking house also make other different types of stollen (like fruit stollen, almond nut stollen, and and and just have a look)

I really like it and it wasn't too sweet (but we also didn't needed the extra sachet of sugar, as the coat was perfectly sweeted:)) It's a wonderful gift for your nearest and important friends, family and members:) 

For all gingerbread/Lebkuchen friends - I've tried out a new type/brand of the traditional chocolate Lebkuchen/gingerbread - Elisenlebkuchen:
This lovely  "Elisenlebkuchen" - Set of 5 pieces was baked and made by Feyler and has a rich spicy and chocolate flavour, it's the perfect christmas sweet for all tea and hot chocolate drinker and of course it's a perfect treat for your next christmas evening with friends or you'll just eat it by yourself:)

I really enjoyed this "Elisenlebkuchen" as I really like such types of old classic german gingerbread and I'm grown up with such treats during the pre-christmas and christmas season:) 

Hope you've had a great week and wish you a comfortable and non-stressful beginning of the weekend:) (I know tomorrow is friday, but it's not far away the good old saturday and sunday - where you can check your christmas-list and do your last shopping tours or just stay at home have some cup of hot chocolate and watch holiday/christmas movies or decorating your lovely homey:))

See you soon! 


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Autumn Bucket List part4 (the last one:))

Hi guys,

I've started to attend the "Autumn Bucket List" by Marie almost one month ago and now I would like to show you my last point from all - my fav autumn outfit, but as I've not made a pic of myself the last days - I'll show you a collage with my fav pieces from Topshop:

(All pic's are from Topshop - they don't are mine!!!!)

As you can see, I've been affected by the pre-christmas time, as you know - I love the "Most wonderful time of the year"-and as you can go now on your local christmas market drink your fav' alcohol or non-alcohol (which I prefer:)) punch or hot cider and spend your time with your friends and family, prepare your gifts for them and wait to get your own christmas wishes from our old friend Santa under your christmas tree, yea I really can't wait, that the last month of the year will start and we can open each day our advent calendar and wait for the maybe most important day of the year:)

O.K. that was maybe too much of "Christmas-Feeling-Explosion", but I'm really the kid, which believes a long long time (I think I was 11 years old!!!!) on Santa Clause, and who knows:) Last days, I've leaf through our family albums and found some nice pic's of myself, where I was maybe 2-3 years old and surprised about what Santa has gave me:

I'm glad, that I've had such a happy childhood with lots of love and learned how to share and prepare treasures for other people who I love and of course I've grown up with old christmas classics from Elvis like - If Everyday Was Like Christmas:

Oh this year is also really special, as my youngest nephew was born this year and now he will celebrate his first christmas - oh so lovely:) (yes I'm 19 and I'm an aunt since I was born:)) - don't ask me why - I've 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they are all older as I'm:))

My childhood christmas memory is and will be forever:) to watch early in the morning the animation movie: "Annabelle's Wish", eat some traditional family christmas cookies (which I'm proud to have learned and get the recipes from my mum:)), wait until night for the lovely sparkle christmas tree (which my sister and mum has decorated when I was a little girl:) and later I've done the job:)), eat with my brother, sister, mum and later brother-in-law our christmas eve meal together and of course to be nervous - what magic items and gifts are under the christmas tree - what has Santa brought:))

Oh but I love each christmas movies, especially the older ones (80's, 90's....) but also the latest from 2012.

For those - who  don't know them all - here some trailers:

 Oh I know, that this is a huge trailer-list, but maybe you'll have time and take a look - what you'll watch this christmas season:)

What are your childhood-christmas memories and what present you'll give/make your nearest loves this year????

For those, who don't know, what Santa should leave under the fabulous decorated christmas tree - here some ideas (Note: All pictures are from their own websites - they don't belong to me!) :

(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)
(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)

Maybe one of the latest and Limited Editon makeup highlights by Bobbi Brown

 (Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about the new Dior Collection GRAND BAL Noel/Christmas 2012
(Photo Credits: DIOR) 

Or one of their foundations/compact powder makeup's - Dior has each tone for everyone of us:)
(Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about some eyeshadows or blushes for your individual makeup collection in lovely pastel colours:)

(Photo Credits: ARTDECO)

The latest Artdeco collection Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage is a bit cheaper option to Dior, but the quality is brilliant and the colours are awesome!!!!
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop)

The Body Shop has also create such high coloured and brilliant sparkle eyeshadows, lipsticks in individual tones and shades - just take a look:)
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop) 

You can find at your local The Body Shop store also a Limited Christmas/Winter Trend Edition Makeup Collection
(Photo Credits: Catrice)

The new Limited Edition SPECTACULART by Catrice has also a lovely tone variation and sparkle treasures:)
(Photo Credits: Catrice) 

And Siberian Call by Catrice too, will bring your wild but feminine site at the best light:)

I hope that I could gave you some makeup ideas for your christmas wish list:) and would be as I said really interesting to know, what are your fav christmas childhood memories and movies too:)

Wish you a nice start in a new week and see you soon:)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

On Set - "Die Frau in Mir"

Hi guys,

as I've said in the post about "The Twilight Saga - essence/rossmann event in Hamburg", that I've been doing a lot this week, here's my second trip, which was in Vienna, on set of the new movie "Die Frau in Mir" by Stefanie Veith, Christian Pötschke (screenplay) and Michael Rowitz (producer), where I've took part as an Extra:):

(All pic's are from the great PULS4 team - they aren't made by myself - but that's really me!!!!:))

You can see me on the first pic with the leading/main actor - Max von Pufendorf and on the second pic you see me with another Extra cast:)

It was a great experience (I've learned a lot, what it means to be on a set -that it really takes a long time to make a perfect shot/scene and have seen lot of interesting people!) and it was located in a nice modern club called - Albertina Passage.

My biggest passion is (and will stay!!!!) music - singing, but I like to see other creative parts of this huge artist/performer business:) It doesn't matter, whether you like more music, acting, drawing or dancing or other things like this, 'cause all form a part of a big family - all creative work, have roots in one part!!!!

So it was great to take part and I'm glad for this awesome chance  - maybe you'll like to watch this new austrian/german movie next year on tv - I'll be there:)

Wish you a nice weekend and let me know, whether you also have such nice week behind you:)


essence/rossmann blogger event - Hamburg

Hi guys:),

sorry, but I was until wednesday overbooked:) And after I went back at home, I worked on my pic's, school and and and:) So you see, that I've not enough time to write more posts this week:)

But anyway, here you can see some pic's from my first essence & rossmann drugstore blogger event in Hamburg, where we (all bloggers:)) were invited to see the last part of The Twilight Saga (pre-premiere) and got a lot of goodies (also the latest essence Twilight-Collection:)):

(This pic's, which you can see here in the collage aren't made by myself - they are from google!)

And as you can see, in the fourth collage, there's a pic from the amazing ultra tasty Starbucks Cranberry & Orange Muffin - yummy yummy yummy:) Of course, I've got also a Chai Tea Latte, but you know, I'm a really "Starbucks-oholic":)

The shop-window by Kiehl's is really strange - Doc. skeleton says "Hi":), but I've found also a nice fashion inspiration - lot's of nice dresses and cute warm leather buffalo - shoes for the winter time:)

And as I'm now in a huge Christmas-prep time and mood, I was amazed about the "Hamburger-Christmas Market- Preparation":) The cute Santa made of Lego stones - oh I can't wait the Night Before Christmas:)

It was an interesting experience to talk with other people, who made such blogs as I do, but a huge part make also other blogs and youtube channels:) The whole group was huge - more than 150 people!!!! and as I said it was a big fun and I'm glad, that I've got the chance to take part:)

Here you can see my makeup-look and "The Twilight Saga"-essence/rossmann blogger event look:

I've tried out (on the same day!!!!) on of the essence my skin soft facial cleansing gel out, and I must say, it's not really a "Wow"-effect, but it smells really fresh and your skin is really soft and deep cleaned after you've used it, but as I said, I've been using now also a Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleansing gel, and that's a bit fresher:) But the liquid and texture is pretty the same and both has a very good quality:

I must say, that I'm not really a big fan of The Twilight Saga, but I've read all books (which are for my taste better than the movies - 'cause, if you read a book, you can create your own "Twilight"-World with your own fantasy:))  After the end, I've found out, that the soundtrack isn't really bad - no there are a lot of good songs (that's typical for me - I'm always on the hunt for new songs:)) especially "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. So I've decided to try it out and sing it on my too:

The next day (after I arrived:)) I've also tried out the essence pigments and mixed two own colors - a great idea for creative people:)):

How to get these "Twilight - dark blue magic" shadow:

1. First of all you'll need an essence pigment in the shade: 01 Jacob's Protection

2. The second pigment you'll need is: 17 dory in love

3. The third pigment you'll need is: 05 star dust

4. And last but not least, you'll mix all pigments together with your essence colour arts multi tasker

And voila - you're own pigment/eye shadow is finish, you can buy your next essence colour arts mixing jars and start again, other different awesome colour shades:) Don't forget to use your essence colour arts eye base, to get the needed pigment - fixation:)

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and hope that you'll follow me in the future:) Wish you all a nice weekend and a great pre-christmas time:)